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Winners at the Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards 2020

2020 has provided many challenges to the world. For health and social care organisations it has required a radical re-think in the way in which care is delivered. New models have been created to place those who are vulnerable at the centre.

Technology has been a key component within this radical shift. From offices full of social workers to additional safety procedures for health care workers, and care providers struggling with staff sickness. Technology has increased efficiencies, providing suppliers with a lifeline.

Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards

Launched in 1973, Computing is the UK's leading website, which is dedicated to helping IT leaders innovate and drive business growth.

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In an era where it is unclear who truly deserves the accolade awarded, the Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards exist to recognise those who are truly making a difference. They recognise the achievements of the individuals and companies who are creating technological advancement. The awards look at projects that help shape the future at the coal face of digital technology.

The awards have been set up in the face of a generation that revolves around social media. Too long have networks been used to engage customers and citizens, drawing us all in, when true achievement has been left to one side. The Leaders Awards are a chance to shed light on individuals and companies that are delivering real change.

At a time in the world when change is occurring daily and organisations are utilised as communication channels, the awards recognise achievement. They are a long-running competition, with only those projects that truly make life easier being recognised. From Scrum masters to developers and the organisations that represent them, it is a chance to showcase progress.

Why has ECLIPSE been so successful at awards?

Our ECLIPSE Case Management software was created with a view to making life easier. It is an ideal that has kept us going over the past 29 years.

We have never strived towards winning awards but the fact that over the last few years, we have won or been highly commended across seven awards, means everything. It is a tick in the box that emphasises that our peers appreciate what we are doing. The wins are badges of honour that showcase what we are doing. We know that ECLIPSE is the antidote to years of supplier apathy.

Alongside our client, the recent win within the Computing Awards is one that we are proud of. It shows that we are an industry leader and have been recognised for it.

What is right for the industry?

Our Chief Executive, Peter O’Hara, has been with OLM since day one. When it came time to either update the existing technology stack or creating a new platform from scratch, it was an easy decision.

What was right for the industry was to create a new platform from scratch to cover the problems of the future, not the past.

Peter made this decision for the sector and invested in building a cloud-native solution. He believed in the sector and how the latest technology would help to solve common challenges and drive the practice forward!

ECLIPSE Case Management

ECLIPSE has been created as a dedicated person-centred platform, supporting people’s lives from birth until later life. It is a multi-purpose platform that was created alongside hundreds of practitioners from across health and social care.

It has been designed to be fit for purpose, not only today but in ten years also. Whereas competitors have simply taken their platforms and moved them to the Cloud, ECLIPSE is Cloud Native.

The Cloud and how organisations utilise it is one of the most important questions that the industry has faced in 2020. With work being moved away from the office, we all need a way in which we can access services. Couple this with the need to provide access to suppliers and staff in a secure manner.

Security and how we protect the data of those who are vulnerable is a key question that we are asked as a supplier. Data across health and social care is the most sensitive that we produce as a species. It is something that needs to be protected, regardless of where and how it is housed. It is with this in mind that we employ a dedicated team whose responsibility it is to keep their fingers on the pulse of online security.

ECLIPSE Security and Governance

Cloud security is a key consideration with the move to home working. By ensuring that our ECLIPSE Software and Services Platform has been created as a Cloud Native solution, we know that client data is a key concern.

We have worked with many clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Local authorities such as Buckinghamshire Council have come directly to us for help and advice during the outbreak. They have chosen to monitor their services via our dedicated Managed Security Service. It is another mark of the trust that the industry has in our knowledge and experience.

“Following a competitive process for a managed security service, we selected Hytec (ECLIPSE Security and Governance) as our cyber partner. They are now monitoring our five legacy networks on a 24/7 basis, with more than 100 million events in an average month across the entire organisation. They are able to filter out 98%, only notifying our in-house team when they identify a potential threat.”
Keeping business locked up during lockdown, The MJ

The work that we undertook with Buckinghamshire was of paramount importance, especially considering the merger of five authorities. At the start of the year, Buckinghamshire merged into a unitary authority.

It was recognised within the MJ. The Municipal Journal also recognised ECLIPSE and our work transforming SEND in their awards earlier this year.

The importance of technology across the health and social care sector

Technology has always been important to health and social care. It creates efficiencies that enable providers to spend more time with those that they care for. This, beyond anything else, is what technology provides to the world.

We know the power of technology. We know how many efficiencies can be provided, and how many hours that can be saved, but we are yet to know of the emotion that technology can provide.

Technology is emotionless. It is an enabler for those who care for others to spend more time caring. Technology supercharges those who work within health and social care to ensure that they can spend more time with those who need care.

A final thought

We are winners at this year’s Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards. It is something to celebrate and continue forward with. It is a tick from our peers that enables us to continue doing what we are doing. We are award-winning and have been voted as such an organisation.

It is not the first time that we have been recognised in a national award competition and hopefully will not be the last. The winner is a mark in the box of ‘We know what we are doing’. We have created a platform that is creating efficiencies and making life easier.

We have the internal talent and experience to continue developing ECLIPSE alongside practitioners to ensure that it is fit for purpose for now and the future. We will continue pushing boundaries and creating platforms that are relevant to our customers. A global pandemic will not stop this and our commitment to the sectors we support is absolute.