Richard Jones: 1.5 minute read

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust transforms with ECLIPSE

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust have worked with IT provider, OLM to optimise their 0-19 service.

The 0-19 integrated service ensures a coherent and effective experience for children and young people aged 0-19. The team focuses their efforts around important stages in a child’s life to improve health outcomes.

Previously, the service was 100% paper based, in terms of recording. The NHS Long Term Plan describes a hugely ambitious vision for the next generation of the NHS and much of that vision depends on digital, data and technology capabilities. As part of the Trust’s ongoing drive for continual improvement they recognised that a move from paper recording was essential, with software providing improved accessibility, quality and timeliness of information.

Following a capability review of software options, the Trust choose OLM’s ECLIPSE software.

Roz Geary, ICT Project Manager of Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust commented;

“By using the ECLIPSE software we will be able to deliver better patient care. As per the Government’s Cloud First policy, the software we procured is cloud native. The software is able to work on any device and is able to be tailored to our exact user requirements. By utilising mobile working, the number of visits to the 0-19 service can be increased. The software offers the ability for our multidisciplinary team to work together to provide a secure system. Use of the software will not only enhance efficiency, but also the quality and availability of information we provide will be improved."

Claire Hancox, 0-19 team representative at Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust stated;

“The Trust and OLM worked in partnership to design 0-19 service forms and processes to support the way we work. OLM’s consultants helped us design the best forms and processes. OLM listened to the way we worked and designed the solution around our needs. At key points they challenged our thinking and questioned the way we wanted to record. The process was useful as it helped to streamline our recording requirements.”

Following extensive user testing at the end of last year, the ECLIPSE software system went live in January 2019 with more than 130 users. The majority of the users are using tablets to access the software, which is providing the unique opportunity for users to record at the point of care.

Any move from paper to software is a significant change. The users in Wolverhampton have responded favourably and reported they like the look and feel of the software. Users have also recognised the benefit of having increased access to patient information. This is a successful launch and use of the software will continue to grow with new teams coming on-board. An additional 170 healthcare professionals expected to be regularly using the system by the end of the year.

The next stage of the project will be to integrate ECLIPSE with the Patient Administration System. This will ensure that as soon as a person is added into the PAS system, they will automatically be added to ECLIPSE, integrating health systems and delivering a holistic view of our clients. As the software is easily adaptable, the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is able to customise the system quickly and easily. This is an essential need for modern health software to enable the service to keep up with changes in legislation or best practice.

Peter O’ Hara, CEO, OLM stated;

“I am delighted to welcome the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust as one of our fast-growing ECLIPSE customer base. Our ECLIPSE software has been built to support transformation and deliver solutions to user needs. The fact we were able to co-design our software and go live within just 6 months shows the power of Cloud Native solutions over legacy applications.”