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Royal Wolverhampton Trust ECLIPSE project shortlisted for two national awards

It is with great pleasure that we are pleased to announce that we have been nominated for two awards at this year’s HTN Awards. Alongside The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, we have been nominated for the Impact of the year and User-lead innovation awards. Two awards that demonstrate our commitment to health and social care, creating solutions that make a difference.

The innovative Health Tech Awards celebrate and showcase exceptional projects, teams, technology and organisations across health and care that are making a real difference. With a fresh, unique approach to industry awards, the Health Tech Awards are open to everyone to enter and attend through an engaging digital awards evening.

User-led innovation and experience

This award focuses on the use of technology to improve an aspect of care. For this award, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust developed a means of working that combines the benefits of digital technology with professional experience to create more time for the patient. Person-centred care is personified through this change in process and has resulted in additional hours being made available per member of staff.

The new digital technology was our ECLIPSE Case Management solution and the use of which has saved time and money for the Trust. At a time in which all health and care departments budgets are reducing in real terms, any change in process that delivers more for less should be showcased. Our ECLIPSE Case Management has provided the team at Wolverhampton with a way to deliver tangible savings each day.

The move from a paper-based to a digital system has saved the team, an average of 70 hours per day or more than 250 hours per week. These time savings have provided more time for practitioners to spend with patients and for the future, can be used to fund additional members of the team. This user-led change with the 0-19 team at Wolverhampton looking at new ways of working has brought about improved user experience for team members.

Impact of the year

This award focuses on the bigger picture and the difference that can be made through a single project. During the first six months of being live, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust has been able to save time each day through the reduction of travel. The travel, of course, is reduced through the mobile responsive nature of the ECLIPSE solution. They are now no longer tied to the office and are able to complete appointments on the move.

Notes can now be updated from anywhere, at any time, which unshackles workers from the confines of the office. This has resulted in up to 480 miles being saved per day. This reduction in travel has both a positive financial and environmental impact. It has resulted in between 6,000 and 7,000 appointments over the course of the first five months of the project going live.

Looking at the year, this will provide the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust with the opportunity to save over 125,000 miles of travel a year, equal to driving the circumference of Earth. A sizeable reduction which has provided an overwhelmingly positive impact for the Trust. It is an impact that can be replicated with other Trusts who are in a similar position.

The ability to see additional details

ECLIPSE provides Wolverhampton with the ability to see all of the details about the case at the click of a button. No longer are they required to call around to all of the services that are involved with that individual for information, they can see it at their fingertips. If the school has noticed something, then the information can be uploaded instantly, building a more comprehensive picture of the individual.

Details such as the relationship with the family, friends, police or school can be added to the system. All of which saves time and enables the professional to make a comprehensive diagnosis of the patient sitting in front of them. This priceless saving in administration providing extra time for those in need.

A 0-19 service School Nurse commented about ECLIPSE “I was dealing with a child under 5 and I was able to get a better view of the home life straight away from the system without having to phone around. This is a real positive step forward as the system allows an up to date view of the client so I have a better understanding of a client.”

Consistency of data is another key saving that the team at Wolverhampton has noticed. Whereas before there was paper, with records that could be left around, now there is order and security. The system sits behind a two-factor authentication that can be additionally secured through role-based security.

Everyone has a unique login, with a personalised screen based on their tasks and workflows that they are a part of. They have all of the information that they need to be mapped to the system and not in disparate files that would take time to locate.

Reporting is provided in the system, for example, the number of smokers. In the past, this was a manual process in which each member of staff was asked to provide their numbers. This practical saving means that all the data required for Wolverhampton to be able to do their jobs is in one system. The system provides them with all of the detail required and can export as easily as it can import.

The Awards evening

Streamlining processes is something that is truly personified by HTN. Rather than a large scale and expensive awards evening, they will be announcing the winners, a week on Thursday, the 3rd October, via an online stream. You can join in the conversation of the awards evening by using the hashtag #HTNAwards.

We will be following the awards evening with bated breath via our Twitter account (@OLMSystems) and will be joining in the conversation. We hope that you will do the same and pay tribute to all of the amazing projects that have taken place over the last year and been submitted for consideration.

We are proud of the work that we have completed in Wolverhampton and would love the opportunity to speak to you more regarding it. To this end, if you email today, then one of our dedicated members of staff will be able to assist you.

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