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ECLIPSE: The perfect software solution for the next decade

We created our ECLIPSE software platform to create lasting change across health and social care. It is an attempt by us to give back to an industry that offers so much every day. It is something that motivates us and keeps us strong.

Software that was suitable ten years ago is not suitable today. Delays cost time and the more time taken through administration results in less time to care. Time is the most essential consideration that we all have, and ECLIPSE creates efficiencies that save time.

Care on the go

In a world that has been required to adapt to home working, mobile responsive solutions are essential. We have access to these at home but in the workplace, software solutions such as these are only just breaking the surface. Previous reasons for not wishing to embrace mobile working included:

  • Confidentiality fears
  • Management worries of not having direct oversight
  • Technology that is not up to scratch.

This was until March and April this year and the arrival of COVID-19.

‘The feasibility of allowing GPs, consultants and other medics to work outside of a traditional clinical setting is something which has been previously downplayed by management. Often, inappropriate technology and concerns over confidentiality would be used to quiet calls for change. However, when March and April saw clinicians delivering sophisticated care from afar - from their homes, from different hospitals or even from self-quarantine - received wisdom was turned on its head and exciting new possibilities emerged.’
Why the NHS needs to embrace tech for staffing,

Our ECLIPSE software platform was created before the outbreak. We saw how important flexible working would be and wanted to provide those working in health and social care with freedom.

Often, this freedom takes time to be truly realised. COVID-19 forced the hand of those working within the industry to embrace change, with technology being a key component within this change. The benefits of which will hopefully remain as with each year that passes, more and more people will need care. Time savings and better ways of working are essential.

Automated Workflows

On top of providing access to services from anywhere, at any time, you also need to consider automation within your software. Within ECLIPSE we have carefully created automated workflows that can be enabled by the practitioner. These are then able to save additional time, which in turn can be used to care.

‘Inbuilt system intelligence speeds up the recording process by automating known or repetitive tasks’
ECLIPSE Case Management, OLM Systems

Utilising benefits such as these, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust were able to save 1,500 hours per month in staff time’, following on from the implementation of ECLIPSE.

The savings made by the Trust have enabled them to see the benefits of the software and continue to expand its use. Whilst the arrival of COVID-19 may have altered priorities, the team in Wolverhampton know that savings through tech are essential. In times of crisis, you want to be able to act, not worry about the case notes and where they are.

Multi-agency working

Since the tragedy that was Baby P, multi-agency working has been a term that has made constantly discussed, but rarely fully realised. Many have started the process, but few have truly succeeded. Reasons for integration taking time have ranged from worries about confidentiality to efficiency.

Decisions need to be made at the snap of a finger when it comes to safeguarding. You want to be able to share pertinent information at the click of a finger, not worry about how secure that data is.

‘It is one of the biggest challenges for the NHS: how to give people some control of their medical data while making sure it can be shared with all of the doctors and other healthcare workers who need it.’
NHS data: Can web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee fix it? BBC News

The NHS is continuing to improve data sharing, 13 years after the death of Baby P. They are not alone, and all frontline services continue to forward with the desire to be able to share critical information securely.

At the click of a button, professionals can share information within ECLIPSE. Protected through a high level of security that is linked to access privileges, ECLIPSE has helped to revolutionise the sharing of information within professional teams.

Comprehensive online security

We recently established that it is not enough to provide the software. You need to ensure that access to it is considered. This is something that has been a focus for OLM since day one. We have strived to make a difference to all those working with health and social care.

To this end, we have employed a dedicated cybersecurity team whose remit is an online security and protecting ECLIPSE.

ECLIPSE Security and Governance has a core focus, which enables local authorities and health partners the confidence they need, to proceed. From hundreds of meaningless alerts to a filtered list. From 100% to 2%. The dedicated Managed Security Service that the team offers saves time, which at the best of times is valuable and today is essential.’
It is not enough to provide access to software, OLM Systems

With thousands of threats every day, suppliers need to be prepared. We have a duty of care to ensure that the sharing of information can be completed in a simple, efficient, and safe manner. Our ECLIPSE Security and Governance team provide this peace of mind to our customers. At the start of this year, they helped Buckinghamshire Council transition to be a unitary authority.


Short term planning should never be the goal of those working in health and social care. The nation will not suddenly be cured of all alignments and no longer need assistance. These are two services which have a lifelong remit and therefore need technology that can effectively support their operations over the long term.

We created ECLIPSE to be adaptable. Upgrades are deployed to everyone via seamless distribution, much like the process that takes place with your phone. We offer this opportunity for all customers to benefit from changes in the software rather than the few.

This prevents the need for costly upgrades in terms of days in which the software needs to be online. On top of this, it prevents the tangible cost with regards to staffing costs throughout the course of the upgrade.

A final thought

ECLIPSE is the perfect software solution for the next decade.

We built it to make a difference to the lives of all of those working within health and social care. We keep our fingers on the pulse of health and social care to provide software that is fit for purpose.

ECLIPSE has been purpose-built to thrive within the Cloud when our competitors have simply reframed their old technology platforms and placed them in the Cloud. There is a real difference and we created ECLIPSE to be Cloud Native from day one to provide the best for those that care for this great nation.

We do not suggest that ECLIPSE is the best solution lightly. We do so as we know that we have made the right choice to create it from the ground up, alongside practitioners.

We would love the chance to show you why what we say is true and you can email for a free demo today.