Adam Ratliff: 2 minute read

Highly Commended at the MJ Awards 2020

The country's first bi-borough partnership for SEND has been Highly Commended in the prestigious MJ Awards, under the category of innovation in Children's Services. It is a proud moment for all the parties involved and coincides with the one year anniversary of when the project was completed. 

Innovation in Children's Services

Of all the categories within the MJ Awards, this was one of the strictest, with only a 1,000-word synopsis being accepted. Within this category, judges were looking for evidence of innovation, impact and learning from a committed Children’s Services team. They wanted to see projects that have worked efficiently and effectively to deliver a demonstrable impact in services for 0-19s.

The vision of improving services for children and young people seemed to cover the brief here. The teams across the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster City Council worked tirelessly to get the service up and running. They added OLM's ECLIPSE Case Management solution to the heart of the changes and ensured consistency from the get-go. ECLIPSE provides them with the opportunity to work from anywhere, at any time, ensuring that no child is left behind. 

At a time when technology has only increased in importance, ensuring that no child is left behind is essential. Those who are unseen can be reached through the power of technology and not left behind to start the race behind everyone else. The bi-borough project across the two London boroughs was the first of its kind and we are proud to have been a part of it. 

Intelligent decision making

By moving to ECLIPSE the bi-borough service has been able to record and access over one thousand data points on a child or young person. This includes their case profile, primary need data, financial information, attendance data and progress against outcomes. The overall goal for which has been to make the data available on-demand. The desire is to have reports pushed out to staff at all levels in order to support them in their decision making. 

All of these additional data sources have helped team members gain a deeper understanding of the child or young adult in front of them. This has enabled the leadership team across the bi-borough the unique opportunity to get ahead. They have been able to gain a deeper understanding of the overall picture and ensure that investments are made where they will be most effective. All of which has been essential when we consider the ongoing battle that services are waging against Covid-19. 

Assistant director of SEND Julie Ely said “The introduction of ECLIPSE has further enabled joined-up working and freed up time to focus on our children and young people. Introducing ECLIPSE has meant that the progress against timescales is more visible for our staff. The service is also better able to focus on proactive areas like SEND forecasting to inform investment decisions and workforce development to ensure the highest quality support to our communities”.

Congratulations to the team

Being Highly Commended at the MJ Awards is a major achievement and one that should be shared. From everyone at OLM Systems, we would like to add our congratulations to Westminster City Council and The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The hard work that they have put into the project is clear to see and we are proud to have been able to work with them.