Adam Ratliff: 4 minute read

Renfrewshire Council implements ECLIPSE to support its transformation approach to improving social work and social care

The focus for Renfrewshire Council was to implement a system which promotes a transformation approach to pathways, processes and people behaviour with improved workflow. Like all local authorities in Scotland, Renfrewshire was on a journey to transform the services it provides, where the relationship between the user of services and staff was central. 

Key to this journey was the need to secure a new system which meets the needs of social workers and care staff to maintain professional records for those it is working with, to provide the right information to assist in planning for the future and most importantly reduce bureaucracy to give frontline staff time to work with service users. Programme implementation has been a collaboration between Renfrewshire Council and OLM of the award-winning ECLIPSE Case Management Solution for Scottish Social Work, the joint team re-aligned as a result of lockdown which was an adjustment rather than disruption.

Renfrewshire chose ECLIPSE as an opportunity to introduce an integrated and accessible system for social work and social care, which is intuitive, easy to use, accessible and promotes the use of plain language. The introduction of a master indexing list allows decommissioning of other systems and reduces the need for staff to maintain multiple systems by improving the single view of client/family information. ECLIPSE provides social work and care services with the opportunity of a fully integrated client record which encompasses, financial case management, activity and reporting requirements, including the operation of self-directed support.  A key advantage for staff is to provide information in one system that can be shared across relevant services easily, proving a new level of care for those working with the services, with performance information and trends presented in a user-friendly easy-access format. In addition to ensuring the Council meets its statutory responsibility to maintain records for service users.

John Trainer, Renfrewshire Council’s Chief Social Work Officer and Head of Child Care and Criminal Justice, said: “Our aim was to improve our social work practice and achieve better outcomes for the children and families in our communities.  We sought a technical solution to facilitate service redesign and support our social work staff to work smarter and more flexibly. ECLIPSE is an agile and configurable platform that helps us achieve this vision.

Our social work staff will benefit from an integrated and accessible system which is intuitive and easy to use and reduces the administrative burden. Staff will find it easier to meet recording requirements and maintain quality records in accordance with SSSC Codes of Practice.  We will benefit from a broader and richer set of data. This will help our operational caseload management and improve our strategic response to the needs of our service users. 

We initially chose the ECLIPSE Software solution as it was the only proven software on the market that was Cloud Native. Through the outbreak of Covid-19, this has proved to be a good decision. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we were able to collaborate fully with the team at OLM to develop the system in accordance with our needs. Our project team has worked incredibly hard to identify ways to improve our case management processes, and our colleagues at OLM have provided us with a system that facilitates this ease of implementation. The flexibility of the team at OLM has emphasised to us that they know what they are talking about. They are here to help and support us in delivering the best solution for our service users.

The impact of lockdown and the requirement for home working allowed the project team to experience the benefits of ECLIPSE technology through the development phase. The Cloud Native solution enabled the project to continue unhindered and allowed the team to achieve key design and training milestones in accordance with the project programme. This hard work and commitment by members of the project team, workers across the local authority and healthcare partnership has enabled the project to go live, with benefits being instantly visible.

“We could see the potential of ECLIPSE from day one, but the global pandemic has really highlighted these. The world and how we deliver services has transformed and thankfully, our case management capacity has evolved with it. We can now work from anywhere, at any time, from any device, ensuring no disruption in the event of a pandemic.

Moving on from this pandemic we have a transformational solution that can be accessed at the swipe of a finger. We can share data on those we care for as easily, seeing trends before they emerge.

All of the functionality in ECLIPSE has been specifically built with Scottish legislation in mind. Functionally wise it not only met our needs but will exceed them for years to come. Flexibility and ease of use are what we were crying out for and OLM reacted perfectly, providing us with a transformational tool that has empowered workers during these troubled times.

Peter O’Hara, CEO and Founder, has been with the business since day one and commented on the implementation at Renfrewshire: “As a proud Scot myself, I am happy to welcome Renfrewshire into our growing ECLIPSE family.

Through the flexibility of ECLIPSE, we have been able to continue to support our clients, with minimal disruption recorded. The Cloud offers us all a doorway into a new world of working, it is one that we wanted to explore for our clients, passing on the benefits through a new generation of technology. ECLIPSE was created to be Cloud Native and responsive to the needs of our clients, something that has been realised during the current pandemic.

Before I set OLM on the vision to create ECLIPSE I had a choice. The choice between creating a new technology platform that would truly enhance working across the sector and be fit for purpose or re-skin what we already had. It was an easy choice. Doing the right thing, no matter how difficult that can be is always the right choice.”

OLM's mission is to take the complexity out of people's lives through innovation in software and services. To deliver this we have developed ECLIPSE, a way of working that is helping redefine public services and the wider care sector. During the Covid-19 pandemic, OLM has worked directly with clients to see how the business can assist.

ECLIPSE positively impacts people’s lives by supporting Local Authorities, Health Trusts, Care Providers and Charities to transform and continually improve the services they provide.

We are proud of our people and passionate about the investments we make in our solutions. We believe in challenging the status quo, doing what is right and making a difference.