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Devon County Council are live with ECLIPSE

Devon County Council today celebrated the launch of our ECLIPSE software and services platform for children’s services.

This launch is cause for celebration as it represents a positive step forward for Devon, using the latest technology to enable a new ways of working. The ECLIPSE software platform includes more than 150 workflows that enhance working processes, automate and increase the efficiency of the team. This provides Social Workers with the opportunity to work from anywhere, at any time. The direct result of this being that Children’s social workers are able to spend more time with those in need, listening and understanding, providing appropriate support to maintain high standards of care.  

In addition to enhancing efficiencies within the team, the implementation of ECLIPSE will provide easier access for partner agencies to work with the team at Devon. They can now access secure records through the enhanced, role-based security that sits at the heart of ECLIPSE.

Darryl Freeman, Devon County Council’s Head of Children’s Social Care, said: “At Devon County Council, our priority is to ensure that the people of Devon live their lives well and we are constantly challenging ourselves to improve the way we work to achieve this. By streamlining our processes, ECLIPSE will help us to free up more time for colleagues to spend with children, young people, and families, and understand more fully how we can best work with them to provide the support they need.”

Rob Parkhouse, Devon County Council’s Head of Digital Transformation and Business Support, added: “Working with OLM, we have led the way in developing a system that meets our service needs. ECLIPSE is a leap forward in functionality for children’s social work practice in Devon, allowing for quality case recording that supports strength-based practice and enables a more integrated view of what life is like for children, young people and families.”

Working in collaboration is the way in which OLM operates. We do not design software or services in isolation, we co-produce them with clients and Devon was no different. We kicked off the project with a series of workshops to design the best solution for Devon.

Peter O’Hara, CEO and Founder, has been with the business since day one and has led the ship all these years, commented on the Devon project;

“Throughout my career I have always looked to do the right thing for our clients, keeping OLM as a private entity to ensure this vision has remained true. We have no shareholders and so all profits go back into the business, which is why we can work with clients to create software and services that truly make a difference”.

OLM has been supporting social care with its software and services for nearly 28 years. We have supported our customers through three transitions in technology, with ECLIPSE being the fourth and most recent. ECLIPSE is the first cloud native solution for social care.

Cap Gemini has predicted that Cloud Native applications will become the default by 2020 due to the organisational efficiencies they deliver.

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