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Who are Resolve Care? Find out at The Care Show

Put simply, they are an organisation dedicated to the health and wellbeing of individuals with mental health issues and learning difficulties. They are also the recipients of not one but two ‘Outstanding’ ratings from the Care Quality Commission, CQC. These ratings are notoriously difficult to come by, with less than 5% of the total number of inspected organisations achieving his rating.

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Being rated ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC is a badge of excellence that few achieve and all seek. Resolve Care have been able to not only achieve two Outstanding ratings but also maintain them when they have been re-assessed. Resolve’s two Outstanding ratings set them apart from the competition. It is an award of excellence that has been deservedly earnt and subsequently retained. But how have they achieved these high standards?

How do you become Outstanding?

At a base level, they have achieved these ratings by wanting to care for people. The core ethos at Resolve is that the emphasis is squarely placed on giving all of the residents the best possible life. A simple statement but one that in practice can be hard to implement and it hasn’t always been plain sailing for the County Durham team.

All of the residents cared for have autism and/or a learning disability, with a history of offending – in some cases seriously. Some of the residents have spent time in prison or have been cared for in the hospital, which creates a unique set of stigmatism that is hard to overcome in society. David King, part owner at Resolve explains:

“Some of the lads come out of the hospital and are absolutely petrified that the community knows who they are and what they have done, which creates a barrier straightaway. There is no humanistic link between the service user and the community – you’re not the same as me, you’re not real.”

It is this raising of barriers between individuals that members of staff at Resolve are passionate about reducing. To rehabilitate residents, you need to get them to engage with people and get people to engage with them, as equals. David explains further:

“But to get them to engage in so many social environments, as an equal, we believe that reduces the chances of reoffending as people see them as real, the same as them.”

Working at Resolve

Creating this level of interaction is paramount to the success of Resolve. To truly create this type of environment, you need passionate staff who understand what the team is trying to achieve. Include a member of staff that has an alternative philosophy and you risk the potential for re-offending.

This is why the organisation is so meticulous in its recruitment process. They realise that you are only as strong as your weakest link and with individuals as potentially fragile as these, you cannot afford to employ the wrong people. Something that isn’t always easy to spot at an interview. Co-owner, Anne Graham explains;

After employment has commenced, “We’ve heard [staff] say things like ‘it’s ridiculous that we can’t have staff cups’ or ‘we have to share a toilet with them’ so we move them on quickly. We have a six-month probationary period, buddy books, and mould people into what we want. It is still not nice getting rid of a member of staff, but we focus on what’s right for the lads and we say ‘this isn’t the right environment for you.”

ECLIPSE Case Management

Anne continues; “We don’t even put staff on ECLIPSE Case Management initially because we don’t want them to know all about our boys because everything is on there – their offending behaviour, relationships with their family – so we don’t let them on it until we feel confident that it is going to work. Sometimes they [residents] are quite embarrassed about what they have done – they think people are going to judge them because they’ve always been judged and we want them to be seen as people and not what their offence was.”

ECLIPSE Case Management was their case management upgrade of choice, launched back in 2016. In its wake, a wave of interest was created, with Resolve Care being an early ECLIPSE adopter and utilised the power of the system to assist them in achieving two Outstanding ratings. Anne explains;

ECLIPSE Case Management gives you a lot more time. The support workers use it on their tablets so they don’t have to go off into an office to type up their notes, they can do it while they are watching the telly [with the service user]. Team leaders would have to spend a lot of time in the office if they didn’t have their Chromebooks because you couldn’t sit with someone’s file out as it is all confidential and some of our gentlemen are good at reading.”

By keeping records on ECLIPSE Case Management, Resolve are able to save space around the office, reducing the need for bulky filing cabinets, where it can be possible to lose files. It also means that accessing records is much quicker to do.

In addition, the ECLIPSE Case Management system is secure – more so than paper records. No longer can records be accidentally left out where someone can see it, for example. “It is safe and secure and only those people who need to see it get to see it and that is based on our authorisation,” adds Anne.

The ability to upload photographs to ECLIPSE Case Management also has benefits when staff and residents are discussing care plans. “Our residents sign their own care plans and they do planning on them which is pictorial. Some of our gentlemen can read and have written ones, but the majority prefer the pictorial ones.

“They all also have memory books – we had those before we had ECLIPSE Case Management – but now we can upload photos from our iPhones into the system so that’s better for them.

“It is about the lads having photos of what they’ve done, so you can say ‘what did you do the other day?’, they might say ‘nothing’, but if you have photos, it can stimulate conversation,” notes David.

ECLIPSE Case Management can help to save your organisation time and money. Join the revolution today and say no to sub-standard case management systems and say yes to being Outstanding. Contact us today for more information and to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration of the system.

Resolve Care will be speaking at The Care Show on the 9th/10th October 2019.