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Providing operational oversight to Headway Oxfordshire during a global pandemic

Dedicated technology platform streamlines operational performance for Headway Oxfordshire at a time of national crisis to ensure core efficiency

The global pandemic known as COVID-19 has reached across the world and touched all of us. For organisations such as Headway Oxfordshire, it forced them to take a step back and pivot services to continue caring for those who are vulnerable.

Headway Oxfordshire is a dedicated provider with more than 30 years’ experience, supporting those affected by acquired brain injury. From individual assessment to tailored assistance, they utilise their experience to meet the needs and aspirations of those that they care for. 

Throughout the pandemic, they were tested but with an eye on the future, they continued forward and implemented ECLIPSE Care Management.

The need for change

Long before the arrival of the global pandemic, Headway Oxfordshire saw the need for change. Disparate spreadsheets and an ill-fitting case management system provided limited information but left no room for effective oversight.

Headway Oxfordshire knew that the future of the organisation was flexibility. They needed a system that would grow with them and provide oversight of operations and comprehensive reports for planning. They needed a change and following on from a shortlist of six suppliers, they chose OLM and ECLIPSE.

Following on from a successful application for funding, Headway Oxfordshire chose ECLIPSE to future proof their operations.

ECLIPSE Care Management

ECLIPSE was chosen because of its flexible and intuitive nature. The team at Headway Oxfordshire noting that the solution was: 

  • Intuitive and easy to use for not just a few, but the whole
  • Able to provide informative reports at the click of a button
  • Able to provide oversight for managers and team leaders
  • Able to provide comprehensive information about the client
  • Able to offer simple workflows that keep cases on track
  • Accessible from anywhere, at any time.

ECLIPSE Care Management was chosen due to the flexible nature of the solution and confidence that it would grow with Headway Oxfordshire. They were looking for something that would be fit for purpose today and in ten years’ time. It was this longevity that set ECLIPSE apart.

The challenges of COVID-19

We are all aware of the challenges that 2020 had brought. It has affected everyone in different ways. For Headway Oxfordshire, it provided many challenges, from services being unable to run to a reduction in staff size and the need to pivot services.

“The global pandemic was a challenge for us, as it was for everyone. We needed to concentrate on keeping services running in a different format, with a reduced staffing count.

Those early days resulted in many late nights, but we did so knowing that we needed to continue caring. Headway Oxfordshire has been around for more than 30 years and whilst it was a challenge in the short term, we’re confident that we will be coming out of the Covid-19 era as a better and stronger support service for those affected by brain injury.”
Jamie Miller, CEO, Headway Oxfordshire

Through all the challenges that the pandemic threw against them, they kept going with the implementation of ECLIPSE. The team at Headway Oxfordshire did so as they wanted to emerge on the other side of the pandemic with a system that was suitable for the future.

“We saw ECLIPSE as a system that would grow with us, in the future, as we viewed the pandemic as something that would change social care.”

Working with OLM

The key to any successful project is the working relationship between the two parties. The working relationship between OLM and Headway Oxfordshire was one that began pre-lockdown, went into implementation during the lockdown and continues forward for the future. It has been a learning experience for both parties, with each entity adapting to the situation at hand.

“Our experience of working with the team at OLM has been an extremely positive one. At each stage of the project, they were patient and professional, with specialists introduced at different times to assist us with what needed to be done.

As a small charitable organisation, our technical knowledge and available resource to put to this project was limited, so the professionalism and excellent communications with the OLM team made all the difference to the success of the project implementation. We always felt as though we were really well supported and in safe hands with OLM.”

The future

Emerging on the other side of lockdown, Headway Oxfordshire has continued to support those affected by brain injury. They have refused to close doors and instead come back stronger, rebuilding the organisation through passion and determination. With ECLIPSE at the heart of the technical revolution at Headway Oxfordshire, they have been able to streamline processes and make savings at a critical time.

“The months between March and June were some of the most challenging I have ever come across. Throughout all of this, we have kept calm and carried on. I cannot say enough about the dedication of the team at Headway Oxfordshire.

Despite everything, we kept going, never taking our eyes off the future and with the implementation of ECLIPSE, we have been able to rebuild processes. We can offer more services such as our Community Navigator Service, which will be launched at the start of 2021.

We kept going with the implementation of ECLIPSE as we knew it would benefit us on the other side and it has. We project that through the addition of ECLIPSE, we will save the equivalent of £30,000+ in annual savings."

We look forward to continuing to work with Headway Oxfordshire and exploring the benefits of ECLIPSE with them. They are building for the future and it is great to have been there for them during such as troubled time.