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More than 27 years of innovation and growth, with no customer left behind

Over the past 27 years, we have taken customers through three different technology upgrades, with ECLIPSE being the fourth and most recent. During each update we have considered the customer first and never left anyone behind.

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As an organisation we place our customers first and are very proud of the fact that we have never left a customer behind. We continue to support our products as long as we have customers using it. Whilst some organisations would arbitrarily upgrade all customers for ease, we do not subscribe to this philosophy.

Peter O’Hara, our Chief Executive has been with OLM since day one. He has stood behind his vision of an organisation that utilises technology for good. He doesn’t want to raise capital through shareholders and then be beholden to them. He wants to use technology as a positive force to enhance the lives of Social Workers and those they care for.

ECLIPSE: Software and Services Platform

Five years ago Peter had a vision and that vision was ECLIPSE. He saw the emerging trends in technology and how they could be threaded together to create a platform for change. He wanted to be sure that his vision was the right one and created ECLIPSE alongside 300 health and social care practitioners.

We worked directly with the user to find out what they needed to help them in their day-to-day role, rather than prescribing a technology solution. This would have been against the core values that guide OLM. We created ECLIPSE with the user in mind to solve the problems of 21st century social work.

ECLIPSE has been designed as a single platform that can be quickly and easily installed. Covering everything from Case Management to Multi-Agency Safeguarding, and Financial and Commissioning Management. From Bed Management to Citizen Engagement and Transformation and Change Management. ECLIPSE covers them all and is securely protected, from two-factor authentication to role based security. ECLIPSE ensures that access is granted to only those who need to see information that is pertinent to them. 

Controlled multi agency access is an inherent principle of ECLIPSE, with controlled access to data being fundamental. The profile of the user or teams that they are a member of defines the functionality that they have available and the cases they can access. This clear approach ensures all partner agencies can share securely, and have access to high-quality data that will improve assessments and decision making across their services.

In addition to providing secure multi-agency access as standard, ECLIPSE also provides integrated workflow capability. The worklist capabilities of ECLIPSE mean that a user is quickly and easily guided through any business process by a series of prompts at individual task level. These tasks can be locally configured to ensure they accurately reflect the local processes and statutory requirements. The RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rating on individual tasks give workers and managers an instant understanding of the priority of work they have outstanding on every case. Prompts via popups or emails are automatically sent to users to inform them of important events.

Customer-focused approach

It is this customer-focused approach that has kept OLM at the forefront of the industry.

‘Our customers are our greatest asset and without you, we wouldn’t be here today.’

Powerful words from our founder and Chief Executive, Peter O’Hara but ones that we live by as an organisation. We understand that each customer will have their own priorities and we want to work with them to work out an upgrade path, with a timescale that works for each organisation. We make the promise to our customers that as long as we have people using a product, we will continue to support it. We will continue to have staff members that are available to you and help you upgrade when you are ready to.

ECLIPSE is the future. It is a true 21st century solution that has made waves across the health and social care sectors. ECLIPSE has over 20,000+ users signed up and growing each day. ECLIPSE is live and versatile being operational in social care, education, health, care provider and charity settings. One of our early adopters, Resolve Care, received an enviable two Outstanding ratings from the Care Quality Commission. Extracts from their glowing reports include:

'The care plan format was easy for people who used the service to understand.'

'The new system...means that people's health and well-being can be monitored closely and any changes identified, and treated without delay.' 

ECLIPSE was also launched recently at Devon County Council and Darryl Freeman, Devon County Council’s Head of Children’s Social Care, commenting on the launch: “At Devon County Council, our priority is to ensure that the people of Devon live their lives well and we are constantly challenging ourselves to improve the way we work to achieve this. By streamlining our processes, ECLIPSE will help us to free up more time for colleagues to spend with children, young people, and families, and understand more fully how we can best work with them to provide the support they need.”

Whilst ECLIPSE is the future, we cannot celebrate more than 27 years’ of OLM without remembering our past and how we got to where we are today, our customers. You have helped us remain independent for 27 years and allowed us to invest for the future by creating new and ground-breaking products and solutions.

Whilst we have invested for the future and been provided with these opportunities, we always maintain our commitment to CareFirst and Swift users. For as long as we work with you, we will support you and your team and never leave a customer behind. We continue to maintain CareFirst and Swift (as well as all our other products) and plan to do so for as long as customers require them. There will be no decommit notices, end of support or end of life announcements.

ECLIPSE is the first and only cloud native solution for social care. Cap Gemini has predicted that Cloud Native applications will become the default by 2020 due to the organisational efficiencies they deliver. Our customers can be rest assured the future is ECLIPSE and it is ready for you when you want it.