Chris Rose: 2 minute read

Insight improves and saves with ECLIPSE

Insight Behavioural Service provides specialist support for adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. 

With over 25 years’ experience, Insight provides support for 31 people across 4 residential care homes in Kent.

Following a recent CQC inspection, they now hold an enviable 2 Outstanding and 2 Good ratings….and have their sights firmly set on improving further to ensure that all their care homes reach the coveted Outstanding rating.

The Challenge

Administration and paperwork had become costly and time-consuming, and Insight were looking to move away from the burden of paper files. They wanted a single system which would bring all their information together electronically and could be tailored to their specialist needs. The aim was to improve data collection, information sharing and to monitor staff better – whilst also saving money and improving person-centred care.

The Solution

Insight chose ECLIPSE from leading health and social care technology provider, OLM. The ECLIPSE Case Management software is flexible and can be used on any device including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Insight selected Samsung tablets so that staff could record and evidence detailed interactions immediately at the point of care. Updating records is now quicker and time is not wasted typing up paper records, giving staff a lot more time. Service users can update their own plans including using photos – something which was not possible on paper files. Managers can check tasks have been completed in real time, monitor productivity and manage resource more accurately.

What the Insight team said

“The ECLIPSE system has optimised the care of our service users. Not only are staff spending less time completing paperwork, it is more discreet, causing less anxiety for our service users”.

“Our service users have the opportunity to enhance their life skills by completing their recording themselves, efficiently and accurately”.

“The system enables us to collate and show evidence that is easily accessible. It allows us to store evidence, proving that we are completing practices every day to the high standards that CQC regulations expect”.

ECLIPSE allows creativity and efficiency with person-centred practices through quick and direct daily recording, chronology and case notes. It has also greatly benefited our health recording, as we can now record all appointment outcomes, seizure activity and weight recording in one place that is easily filtered by date or type”.

“We chose to switch from paper records to improve on the quality and reliability of the information recorded by staff. It was time consuming to check handwritten entries and ECLIPSE will help ensure that staff do not miss any information by prompting them to fill in documents in full”.

“We felt that an electronic device would be easier to handle, more motivating and faster. Storage of our records is more reliable, collated and safe”.


For care providers:

  • Staff spend less time on paperwork and more time with clients
  • Proof that care has been delivered and actions completed
  • Quick and easy retrieval of evidence for CQC inspections
  • Resourcing and staff handovers run more efficiently with minimum downtime
  • Cut costs by reducing the use of printers and photocopiers, storage facilities and the quantity of paper used (Insight will save a staggering £36,000 per year)
  • Information can be shared with health partners immediately
  • Information is private and meets GDPR requirements

For service users:

  • Service users are empowered to complete their own daily recording
  • Enhanced engagement with carers by freeing up staff time
  • Photographs and achievements can be shared with families quickly and easily