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The London Borough of Enfield is live with ECLIPSE

The London Borough of Enfield is live with ECLIPSE Case Management to support it's adult’s services. With this launch, the London Borough of Enfield has joined a growing customer base that has invested in next-generation software to support service transformation.

Seeing the vision early, Enfield invested in the ECLIPSE platform to support its work in Adult Social Care. With a high elderly and learning disability population, they knew that they needed to create efficiencies in order to continue supporting people in the best way possible.

Paving the way for a future-proof solution, Enfield opted to select key components from within the ECLIPSE Software Platform to support citizens. The most recent launch celebrates the go-live of ECLIPSE Case Management across the service to 500 staff within both health and adult social care.

ECLIPSE will ensure that Enfield is able to create efficiencies, saving time and money. They have joined the growing number of ECLIPSE users (25,000+ across the UK as of writing) and are helping guide their citizens to Digital 2020.

Peter O’Hara, CEO and Founder, has been with the business since day one and commented on the Enfield project;

“I’ve been working in this industry for more than 30 years and during that time I have seen a lot of change. ECLIPSE is our latest technological upgrade, created alongside more than 500 social workers and making a difference across the country.

I am proud of the investments that we have made into the ECLIPSE platform and seeing it live in authorities such as Enfield is proof that by doing the right thing, you can enable change. We have helped facilitate this in Enfield and I am very proud of that fact”

OLM has been supporting social care with its software and services for nearly 29 years. We have supported our customers through three transitions in technology, with ECLIPSE being the fourth and most recent. ECLIPSE is the first cloud-native solution for social care and the first solution to support an integrated health and social care team.

Cap Gemini has predicted that Cloud Native applications will become the default by 2020 due to the organisational efficiencies they deliver. More than 25,000 users have chosen ECLIPSE to help them light the way to 2020.

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Adam Ratliff
Marketing and Pre-Sales Manager