Mark Raeburn: 2 minute read

Somerset County Council choose ECLIPSE for adult social care

Somerset County Council has looked to the future and chosen the only cloud-native case management solution for social care. They have chosen, ECLIPSE Case Management to support the transformation of adult social care services across the authority.

Somerset County Council needed case management software that would support the strengths-based approach they are now focused on delivering. They knew the right system would enable them to better respond and support residents, in a way that maximises their potential, providing individual independence.

With pressure mounting each year on local authorities across the country, efficiencies are essential. Somerset County Council like all other authorities need to deliver quality services with less money, which is only possible through transformation and operational efficiencies.

To this end, they realised that they needed a more robust case management solution. One that would underpin operations and help them embed their ‘Promoting Independence’ model of support. Following an extensive review of the market, they saw that ECLIPSE was the best system to meet their needs and enable person-centred care. This can only be achieved through an agile solution that enables collaborative working across multiple agencies.

The introduction of ECLIPSE will enable Somerset to keep pace with a rapidly changing landscape that demands operational efficiencies. Stephen Chandler, Director for Adult Social Services and Lead Commissioner for Adults and Health, recognised this and said:

“Any change in working practice needs to be carefully considered, as we are responsible for the health and wellbeing of thousands of people. We knew that we needed to look at our working practices to create efficiencies and the implementation of ECLIPSE will assist with this process.

It is the only system on the market that can meet our needs. It was the only software available that we could be confident wouldn’t be obsolete within a few years, it is a solution that will allow us to remain active in supporting modern social work practice.

We chose to work with OLM and the ECLIPSE software and services platform, as it is the only platform out there that will keep pace with continued industry change. The team at OLM is dedicated and has worked with us at every stage to meet our rapid pace of transformation. We are excited about ECLIPSE and the difference it will make to our working practices, across agencies.”

Peter O’Hara, CEO, OLM commented on the partnership with Somerset:

 “Since day one, we have looked to invest in what’s right. The co-production of ECLIPSE with Social Workers on cloud-native technology was the right thing to do. The partnership with Somerset is a great step forward and we are proud that they have chosen ECLIPSE to support their transformation. We look forward to working with them in partnership to support them to succeed as they undergo their transformation programme."

We have been supporting the social care sector through software and services for the past 28 years. We have supported customers through three transitions in technology, with ECLIPSE being the fourth and most recent. ECLIPSE is the first and only cloud-native solution for social care.

Cap Gemini has predicted that Cloud Native applications will become the default by 2020 due to the organisational efficiencies they deliver.