Richard Johnson: 4 minute read

Rights, Relationships and Recognition at Social Work Scotland

This week we will be in attendance at the Social Work Scotland conference. An event that each year is attended by hundreds of policy makers, managers, practitioners and those eager to discuss problems, to see how we can make changes that benefit all. This year’s themes revolve around, rights, relationships and recognition.

It is something that we are proud to attend each year. We pride ourselves on being an organisation that keeps its finger on the pulse. This is why we make a point to attend this and other events that bring together change makers from across the UK. We do so as we want to be at the forefront of discussion to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible from ourselves.  

Discussion at Social Work Scotland

We see change as a three-fold process, discussion, action and reflection. By continually moving through this process you ensure that you are solving problems that benefit as many people as possible. Opinions are everywhere and you can make the argument that you will never please everyone but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try.

Through discussion, you can get to the route of the problem. What often happens is that through this the problem you feel you have isn’t the one that you need to solve. Discussions and holding forums such as those seen at the Social Work Scotland conference are essential in creating discourse for change.

These bring policy makers, managers and practitioners together with users and suppliers. The combination of all three is key, as policy makers, managers and practitioners can outline the direction and the funding available, the user can suggest problems and what they are looking for; whilst the supplier can use their knowledge and experience to suggest what possible solutions are available.

Action for Scotland

These suggested solutions can then be discussed further until they are honed down into a concept. This concept can then be taken away by the supplier and crafted into an idea or a few ideas to bring back to the users, policy makers, managers and practitioners to test. Feedback can then be provided at every stage of the journey to ensure that the final product or service is fit for purpose and provides the best return on investment.

We have collaborated with users and practitioners when developing Scottish specific solutions such as our Criminal Justice solution, in addition to adult and children’s model offices. These have been designed to ensure statutory reporting requirements are met, whilst having the client’s story at the forefront of recording.

On top of these, we looked at self-directed support and how that could be applied in a digital medium, coming up with ECLIPSE Citizen Engagement. A software solution that sits in the ECLIPSE Software and Services platform and can be used to engage with citizens in a secure, personal manner, created alongside the user and designed to provide everyone with the ability to self-serve.

We believe that discussion turns into action and action, in turn, creates change and lasting change at that. We are constantly talking to our clients to ensure that the software and services we create are fit for purpose. We do not develop in isolation and always look to make a difference to the lives of those working in health and care.

Our founder and Chief Executive has seen OLM grow from strength to strength over the last 28 years, to the point now, where we are a market leading organisation. We have invested when the needs of our users outstripped that of our technology. The prime example of this is when we created a new generation of technology, one that would take advantage of advancements on the market. Chief of these was Cloud Native technology and so from this, we built the ECLIPSE Software and Services platform.

Reflection and growth in Scotland

Our ECLIPSE Software and Services platform is our fourth and most recent technology upgrade for our customers. Built on more than 20 years of experience and grown alongside social workers. It is the epitome of experience, in looking ahead, seeing industry trends and being able to create solutions for clients before they know that they will need them.

ECLIPSE is fully flexible and has seen the number of users grow this year. We are proud of this achievement and proud of the platform. It is the only Cloud Native platform available that is live across health and care, in addition to charities. With the number of users continuing to grow each month, we believe that the future is bright.

In addition to the increasing numbers signed up to ECLIPSE, we are proud to be a true market leader in Scotland, with the majority of local authorities purchasing services from ourselves. By having such a vast community in Scotland we are able to generate discussions built on our experience that make a difference for the country as a whole.

Supporting health and care in Scotland

Health and care in Scotland continues to evolve. That evolution – driven in part by increasingly complex needs and growing demand, and in some cases, by key Government initiatives – has brought with it additional challenges. We have looked to temper this with our ECLIPSE Software and Services platform.

To deliver prevention, safeguarding and self-directed support against a backdrop of cuts, you need the right technology. The right solutions can help to deliver an efficient service despite heightened consumer and regulatory expectation. We believe that we have enabled this through ECLIPSE:

We have designed ECLIPSE:

  • For Scotland, incorporating Scottish legislative requirements and taking account of our unique approach to Criminal Justice
  • To support you in the transformation of your care delivery for children and adults across Scotland
  • As a medium in which to clearly tell the client’s story
  • To aid workers in improved decision making
  • To enable joined-up, collaborative services
  • As a cornerstone of any organisation to save practitioners’ time
  • To provide greater control of your budget and resources
  • As a means in which to support practitioner development
  • To measure outcomes effectively



Lasting change emerges through discussions, action and reflection. A key event in which discussion is generated, for our calendar at least, is Social Work Scotland. We attend each year to share our thoughts with likeminded individuals in the hope that we can enable change, to better support our customers.

We have run through this process throughout our inception and are free to do so. With no shareholders to steer the direction of OLM, we are free to do the right thing. We are free to do so under the directive of our Chief Executive, who has been here since day one.

We created our latest technology, the award-winning, ECLIPSE Software and Services platform to be Cloud Native. We saw the market trends and saw how great of a difference technology could make in the battle to improve efficiency, enable person-centred care and reduce costs.

We have more than 25,000 users live with ECLIPSE across the UK and that figure is growing each week. We will be in attendance at the Social Work Scotland conference this week and will be looking forward to sharing the benefits of ECLIPSE. So come along and say hi, have a chat and see the difference for yourself.