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It is not enough to provide access to software

Creating software is only one part of the puzzle. Ensuring that customers feel safe using and accessing systems is another key consideration.

For most of us, the challenges that COVID-19 have thrown up are the greatest that we have ever faced. We never realised how lonely we were until we were cut off from those that we care for. 2020 will go down in history as the year that no-one wanted. Despite all of this, there are bright spots and life lessons to be taken forward.

One of the chief lessons that we should all take from this is not to take the emergency services lightly. They continue to perform under immense pressure, with life and death being contained in the palms of their hands.

To honour them we need to respect the jobs that they do and for suppliers such as ourselves, we need to ensure that we make their lives easier.

24-hour protection

Without wishing to sound like an advert for suntan lotion, we have a duty to our customers.

We have a duty of care to keep the lights on. We have a duty of care to ensure that access to records can be provided whenever and wherever they are needed. We have a duty of care to ensure that software records can be shared securely, and not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

We have designed our software with our duty of care at the front of all our decisions. From how our software platform is accessed via the Cloud to how updates are received. We look to ensure that anything created is easily recognisable and familiar. Too often we find that people have better access to technology at home when in the office, they are running on antiquated software.

This is not good enough. Software that is provided to the health and social care industry should be as, if not more advanced than what you have at your fingertips. It should be available anywhere and at any time. It is for this reason that we chose to create our ECLIPSE Software platform from the ground up.

By creating it from the start to be Cloud Native, our ECLIPSE Software has a distinct advantage over other solutions. On top of this, we employ a dedicated security and governance team to ensure that our software is secure enough for professionals to use.

ECLIPSE Security and Governance

Our ECLIPSE Security and Governance team has been known by other names. Hytec is the security and governance arm of OLM. They advise us on the best approaches to managing data and cybersecurity. Our customers can feel reassured that we have a team of specialists guiding our governance, compliance and security decisions

Over the past year, demand for their Cyber Security Managed Service has significantly increased.

With the move to working from home, risks have increased. IT teams want to be sure that those accessing their services out of hours are doing so in a secure manner. 24/7 access is required, and it is needed in a secure manner to ensure that high profile attacks, such as WannaCry do not happen again.

At a time in which a global pandemic is tearing across the world, access to services is essential. Any disruption could be catastrophic, especially with a second lockdown being imposed across the country.

Buckinghamshire Council

At the start of the year, Buckinghamshire Council needed some advice. They were merging with four district councils in the area and replacing the County Council with a newly created single unitary authority.

It was a move that had taken more than a year of careful planning for, to merge systems into one. Oversight was essential, as with many disparate systems, spread across the organisations, in different states of use, central oversight was needed.

This is where our ECLIPSE Security and Governance team stepped in.

Following a competitive process for a managed security service, we selected Hytec as our cyber partner. They are now monitoring our five legacy networks on a 24/7 basis, with more than 100 million events in an average month across the entire organisation.
Keeping business locked up during lockdown, The MJ

Based on their years of experience, our ECLIPSE Security and Governance (Hytec) team was selected for the task. They were able to bring them ahead of the curve, with a dedicated Managed Security Service. This best in breed service was able to provide Buckinghamshire with the oversight they desperately needed.

Managed Security

The Cloud is a beautiful concept. It is available anywhere, at any time, from any device. It ensures seamless transitions from the office to the home. Working with the Cloud, the office moves from a tangible concept to wherever practitioners need it to be. Whether that is in the home, a coffee shop, the office or at the bedside.

COVID-19 has created a true challenge to the fundamental elements that we hold close and call our lives. Before 2020, working from home was a treat or a way to continue working, whilst recovering. It was not normal.

We are now living in a world that primarily works from home. This creates challenges for professionals and being able to employ a managed security service that filters out the non-essential is something that is needed across health and social care. With the Managed Security Service from Hytec, Buckinghamshire can filter out 98% of the alerts they receive.

They are able to filter out 98%, only notifying our in-house team when they identify a potential threat. This allows us to deal with issues before they escalate into major problems, a recent example being a phishing exploit that was identified and fully rectified within 30 minutes. At the same time, having a partner filtering the majority of alerts across our environment frees up valuable time for our busy in-house IT team.
Keeping business locked up during lockdown, The MJ

A helping hand at a challenging time

Buckinghamshire were pro-active. They saw the benefits of employing a dedicated partner to get on top of the alerts they were receiving. It was not that Buckinghamshire was not aware of the alerts they were receiving, it was that there were so many, that they needed to focus.

Fast forward to where we are today, and the Managed Service has helped to provide confidence. They can embrace the freedoms of Cloud technology to enable practitioners to spend more time doing what they trained for, and that is to care.

Integrating the managed security service into the overall operation of the new council has been a relatively smooth transition during a busy and challenging time. The partnership with Hytec has led to a virtual team, comprising of both their staff and our IT team, capable of better protecting our services, staff, systems, data and community from the ever-increasing cyber threats.
Keeping business locked up during lockdown, The MJ

Buckinghamshire were ahead of the curve and we are proud to be able to keep their services safe online. We enable them to focus on what is needed right now, and that is those who are vulnerable and need assistance.

A final thought

It is not enough to provide access to software. As suppliers, we need to be better. By employing a dedicated online security division, that of our ECLIPSE Security and Governance team, we can be sure that our customers are protected.

ECLIPSE Security and Governance has a core focus, which enables local authorities and health partners the confidence they need, to proceed. From hundreds of meaningless alerts to a filtered list. From 100% to 2%. The dedicated Managed Security Service that the team offers saves time, which at the best of times is valuable and today is essential.

Keeping services going from a technical perspective is only one part of the battle. We also need to be able to keep our customers safe when they are online. We need to save them time and ensure that their focus is where it is needed. We are OLM and our ECLIPSE Software platform supports millions of citizens across the United Kingdom.