Mark Raeburn: 4 minute read

Continuing to support our customers

COVID-19 arrived at the start of the year. It changed the way in which we live our lives and by no means is the battle over. We are about to head into the most challenging period of the year, the Winter and our customers need our support.

Continuing to keep the lights on

“I wanted to reassure you that OLM is 100% focused on ensuring we deliver an uninterrupted support service during this unprecedented period.”
Peter O’Hara, Chief Executive OLM Group

At the start of the pandemic, we wrote to all our clients to reassure them. Our commitment to them is absolute. From the day we began on our journey, to today when the world is in crisis, we are here for them.

Our commitment is to our clients and supporting them in the best manner possible. We all have a part to play and we take this responsibility seriously, ensuring that services are not interrupted. Health and social workers need to be able to have to hand all the information they need, from wherever they are.

Peter O’Hara has committed to helping people that help people since 1991. He is still here today, pushing forward with that ideal. 

This is true of everyone who works across OLM. We are in a position of great trust and need to ensure our services can back that trust up. Our promise has always been to make life easier for customers and are proud to say that we have lived up to that ideal during the current pandemic.

Working from home

In a similar vein to many businesses across the country, we have been using remote and digital working methods to continue working. This is something that we have been utilising for the past few years, and so when lockdown struck, we were prepared.

Just like flicking a switch, we moved the entire operation of OLM to the home. It is something that created no challenges and being prepared for such an event resulted in no development time being lost.

We have continued to develop our ECLIPSE platform, ensuring that customers have been able to go live. From Renfrewshire Council to SWAMP Community Hub and CoCo Care. We have ensured that we have not been idle, looking to the future and pushing boundaries for the industry.

The power of the Cloud

In the past, the Cloud was simply a means in which to place a damper on your day. Today, it is a key term within software development. It is a house in which we place our most essential data and services, ensuring that the door can be opened anywhere.

The Cloud ensures that regardless of where and when we are, software and services can still be accessed.

We have been utilising the Cloud to develop our native software solution, ECLIPSE, over the last couple of years. From this starting block, we have been able to develop at pace, rolling out updates regularly, rather than once or twice a year.

By ensuring that all of our software is created with the Cloud in mind, we can be confident in our business continuity plans. We can keep the lights on by ensuring that we do not place all our eggs in one basket.

We keep the lights on, ensuring that all of those who are helping those who are vulnerable have their focus where it needs to be.

Cloud security

One area that has seen a huge level of interest recently is Cloud security. This is understandable. With the move to working from home, people are accessing services at different times, from multiple locations. With the sensitive nature of the data that those who work with health and social care house, it is a key concern.

Our ECLIPSE Security and Governance team worked with Buckinghamshire Council at the start of lockdown. At the start of the year, they began moving from five authorities to one single unitary authority, launching on the 1st April. Towards the end of this time, lockdown considerations arrived, and people began to work from home.

Thankfully, they had reviewed existing services, moving over to a Managed Security Service. Administered by our ECLIPSE Security and Governance team, it has made a difference.

“Following a competitive process for a managed security service, we selected Hytec (ECLIPSE Security and Governance) as our cyber partner. They are now monitoring our five legacy networks on a 24/7 basis, with more than 100 million events in an average month across the entire organisation. They are able to filter out 98%, only notifying our in-house team when they identify a potential threat.”
Keeping business locked up during lockdown, The MJ

Cloud security is an area that we take seriously and are proud of such stories. Now more than ever, we need to ensure that online security can match the threats of the new world.

Here if they need us

Age teaches us all wisdom, and as we head into our 30th year, next year, we know that we do not know everything. We will never know everything but have a desire to learn and work closely with our clients to develop solutions to their problems.

Our team includes education, health and social care professionals and we are constantly in touch with our clients. The situation is constantly evolving and we need to stay responsive.

We remain responsive to the advice that is arriving from the government. We look to see how we can adapt our software and services, to ensure that clients receive the support they deserve.

A big thank you

We want to say a big thank you to those who work within health and social care. They are performing jobs under immense pressure and we appreciate this.

We are dedicated to the industry and ensuring that everyone working has the support they need. We must continue to work together to make a difference. We need to protect those who are vulnerable.

We still have no idea what the long-term picture looks like, nobody does.

All that we can do is take each day as it comes and continue to do our job. Our commitment is absolute, and we will always place our clients first. We will continue to listen and develop, ensuring that we get through this pandemic and have a plan for the other side.