Mark Denton: 5 minute read

500 successful upgrades to the ECLIPSE platform

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that ECLIPSE makes life easier and a key part of that is reducing the burden and cost of upgrades for our customers. Over the last couple of years we have seamlessly delivered hundreds of upgrades, ensuring our users always benefit from the latest software and the solution is always secure.

We recently reached a milestone with these upgrades as we deployed our 500th upgrade. We are proud of the fact that with our investment in ECLIPSE we now deployed more seamless upgrades per year then all our competitors in social care combined.

Much in the same way as your phone deploys enhancements and you never notice, ECLIPSE does the same. We designed the award-winning software and services platform to work as a companion to social work teams and not a hindrance.

Each year we deploy large numbers of upgrades to our customers, even into the three figures. All of these have been implemented with minimal disruption and deliver the latest functionality to our clients. ECLIPSE is unique in the sector as it offers a framework of continuous improvement.

No more costly shutdowns or planned upgrades that can only happen twice a year, ECLIPSE offers seamless upgrades to all of our customers in order to make life easier.

The agile platform

Agile enough to tackle the future was how we described health and social care. This is the mindset for which we believe social care needs in order to be successful. To transform a historically risk-averse sector into one that embraces change like a start-up embraces risk. A brave mindset is one that is necessary for social care to steer itself through these dangerous waters that a post-Brexit Britain will face.

The question still remains as to how the sector will mobilise innovation across the board but this is a much wider question for a bigger forum. We believe that you need to walk before you can run and by ensuring that you are utilising a platform that provides updates regularly and with little to no hassle, you ensure agility. Your team is able to go about their business unobstructed by the administration. An agile platform is one in which you can trust.

Technology has reached a level in our lives for which we can leave it alone for the most part and it will provide us with the information we desire. There is still a human element here is the fact that you need to add in certain parameters but once you have, you can sit back, relax and let the programme do the administration leaving you to work with the person and add your qualitative input to their plan.

By choosing an agile platform and one in which delivers changes consistently, you can ensure that when you wake up, the version of the programme you have always meets legislative requirements. Your department’s work and innovation are not restricted by their software. They can use any device and ensure that trips backs to the office to upgrade software are not required.

Beyond this, lack of downtime and high performance of the software can ensure your teams can concentrate on what is truly important.

The needs of the many against the needs of the few

Delivering services via the Cloud ensure that any bugs or upgrades that are required to meet legislation or improve the user experience can be uploaded once ready, instantly. This is a major bonus as then everyone benefits from these fixes and not just those who raised the issue. The service is able to be tailored and delivered in a way that meets the needs of those we call customers.

Working together to ensure the best possible outcomes

This has been our DNA since the day we first opened our doors back in 1991. Back then our founder and Chief Executive, Peter O’Hara, had a £1,000 in his pocket and a dream. Since then that dream has expanded and grown into an organisation that spans the entirety of the United Kingdom. It is something that has been achieved by working together to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. More than that it is something that has been achieved through investment.

We saw the benefits of software as a service and developed from this our ECLIPSE Software and Services Platform. A platform that covers bed management, case management, multi-agency safeguarding, citizen engagement, commissioning, finance, transformation, security and data. All of which can be used to create the perfect platform that truly enables joint working between health and social care. Equal to this is the knowledge that an organisation may only need to solve one particular problem such as Delayed Transfers of Care, taking the Bed Management software.

The platform can easily be used as a single element or as a whole, with updates streaming across to all instances at the same time. Notice is provided ahead of all upgrades to clients as whilst we believe that these updates are of critical importance, we need to let people know that they are coming. Innovation with a great drip of customer care is what we endeavour to deliver at OLM. Thought around what will provide benefit to the client rather than our shareholders (of which we have none) is what drives us to make changes and deliver the best possible outcomes.

Available anytime, anywhere

A key part of the ECLIPSE Software and Services Platform is that it is available anywhere, at any time and from anywhere. It frees health and social workers from their desks in order to be in the field working with those who need help. On a more basic level, by ensuring that ECLIPSE is device agnostic and delivered from the Cloud, we have ensured that workers can deliver the best care without being drawn back to the office.

Previous technology upgrades required workers to head back to the office in order to access case notes. This was due to security fears and also the limits of technology at the time. Before visits workers would be required to print notes and sent them to themselves resulting in duplication and misinformation. With ECLIPSE, all of the notes are available at the click of a button or swipe of a screen, securely delivered via the Cloud.

Being available on multiple devices at any time does increase the security risk and we are pleased to say that ECLIPSE has been built with this in mind. Sitting behind two-factor authentication and nearly 30 years of experience, ECLIPSE is secured by experts in the field. This helps to ensure that all upgrades are delivered seamlessly to devices in much the same way that your phone updates your applications.

Our Security and Governance team have experience within cyber essentials, PSN compliance, HSCN connectivity and the DSP Toolkit. On top of this is the latest offering which is a Managed Security Service that goes above and beyond. This service offers cybersecurity and alerting, threat intelligence, on-demand vulnerability scanning, asset identification and related security posture, detection of anomalous activity and incident response.

Offering a service that is available anywhere, at any time means that we need to be security-conscious and by continually keeping our finger on the buzzer, we ensure that we are ahead of the competition. Rather than being reactive to security threats, we are moving to a proactive paradigm that neutralises threats before they occur.

To conclude

We have worked hard to ensure that ECLIPSE operates as a seamless platform with upgrades being distributed to our customers in an efficient manner. Whether they are using the platform on their phone, iPad, desktop or laptop, it doesn’t matter. We have now delivered 500 seamless upgrades to our clients that make a difference. We feel as though now the technology has caught up, we as suppliers should be responsible and move away from costly, twice-yearly upgrades.

With ECLIPSE customers benefit from changes at the same time. The ECLIPSE Community covers more than 27,000 users across the United Kingdom, in multiple sectors. It is no longer a, if you spot the change then you may get a fix if enough customers also do the same. We are able to assess bugs or issues and offer a remedy that is distributed to customer instances instantly.

500 upgrades that have been delivered seamlessly are something to be proud of and we are but we are not resting on our laurels. We want to continue learning from our clients and making a difference in their lives and how they work with service users. ECLIPSE is our platform for the future and we look forward to working with more organisations as the year's progress.