Will Brexit result in a staffing crisis for care organisations?

Social care is a frontline service, every bit as important as the NHS. They are two pillars of the same house that care for millions every year. They are services that will affect us all at some point in our lives and so we should have respect for both, and see them as equals. One is not greater than the other and you could even argue that they cannot survive without each other.

The cost of avoidable hospital admissions

According to research from Age UK there are nearly 1,000 elderly individuals that are being needlessly admitted to hospital every day. These figures relate to conditions such as ear, nose or throat conditions, kidney and urinary tract infections, alongside angina. All of these conditions could have been avoided if the individual was in receipt of better care.

Safeguarding is not limited to the classroom

Teaching today includes an element of safeguarding, as for some children their teacher is the only stable relationship that they have. Without effective intervention and safeguarding from a young age, children can be driven into the arms of gangs where they can commit unspeakable crimes. We have seen this recently with the increase in teenage knife crime, but what can be done?

Is the state of social care in the UK a scandal?

It’s a subject that we have written around for years with the state of care slowly descending to the point of failure. It is failing across the board, being propped up by unpaid carers and underpaid and overworked care workers. It is a situation that will not be remedied overnight and is constantly overshadowed by the big B, Brexit.

Digital Transformation is here

We all know and accept this. It is not something that we are fighting, quite the opposite in fact. Digital has transformed the manner in which we live our lives. We have access to everything we could ever need, from devices no bigger than a cup to self-driving cars. It is an age of enlightenment but one that has come rather late to the NHS.

Managed Security – Why is it important?

The safeguarding of data for local authorities is of paramount importance and round the clock protection needs to be ensured. 

Should safeguarding be seen at the same level as fundraising in terms of importance?

The Oxfam scandal of 2017 brought to life many truths that the sector would have preferred to remain hidden. It showcased the lack of safeguarding policies employed across the sector and was brought to life by the Times.

ECLIPSE: Social Care IT designed by the Social Worker

When we looked to develop new social care IT software from the ground up, we knew we needed it to work for those that would be using it everyday, the Social workers.

Success for OLM on CCS Data and Application Solutions RM3821 Framework

OLM is delighted to announce that it has been successful in its application to feature in two categories on the Crown Commercial Service RM3821 framework.

More than 27 years of innovation and growth, with no customer left behind

Over the past 27 years, we have taken customers through three different technology upgrades, with ECLIPSE being the fourth and most recent. During each update we have considered the customer first and never left anyone behind.

Time to remove the fax machines and get in line with the new Digital Revolution

This is the call by NHS England and Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock.

To most of you reading this article, Fax Machines are a thing of the past that have been slowly phased out but for the NHS they are essential*.

Devon County Council are live with ECLIPSE

Devon County Council today celebrated the launch of our ECLIPSE software and services platform for children’s services.

883 reasons why technology can help to transform SEN

In a recent BBC investigation via Freedom of Information requests, it has been discovered that around 40% of the plans requested have taken longer than they should. 

An alternative view – Social Care Future

At this year’s NCAS Conference, a new fringe event has emerged, Social Care Future.

Insight improves and saves with ECLIPSE

Insight Behavioural Service provides specialist support for adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. 

Newcastle City Council choose ECLIPSE

Newcastle’s Children and Adult’s Social Care Services have selected ECLIPSE to support the transformation of their Social Care services.

The NHS at 70

Technology is essential to the future of the NHS.

Working Together to Safeguard children in 2018

How do we safeguard children effectively in 2018?

Will we see the Green Paper in 2018?

The Green Paper is a buzzword within social care. When spoken aloud it is greeted with equal measures of enthusiasm and frustration. Why?

Person Shaped Support choose ECLIPSE

In advance of their 100th birthday, Person Shaped Support (PSS) have selected our ECLIPSE solution to transform case recording.

Ofsted’s views on different social care models

There is a multitude of Children’s Service practice models being used across the UK: reclaiming social work, restorative practice, signs of safety, the team around the relationship, the list goes on…

Three Conversations and Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OT) are interested in how a person interacts with their environment, and the impact that this has on their daily life. The Royal College of Occupational Therapy (RCOT) defines occupation, as:"the practical and purposeful activities that allow people to live independently and have a sense of identity”.

DToC: Service transformation can help

The issue of delayed transfers of care is a national one and it is one that we have spoken about in depth. Our solution to the crisis is one that has received not only national but also international recognition.

Digital Health and Care in Scotland

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Social Work Scotland Act and the annual Social Work Scotland event has took this as its theme.

UK’s largest children’s charity chooses ECLIPSE

Barnardo’s select OLM’s ECLIPSE case management and ECLIPSE Citizen Engagement tools to ensure that children’s needs are met and voices heard.

Social Care: The 80/20 Rule

Pareto’s law (or principle) states that for many events, 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Will robots replace Social Workers in ten years?

If you are of working age then you have no doubt thought about this question at least once in the past ten years.

Invest for the future, invest in the social care workforce

The real competitive advantage in any service is one word only, which is “people”. This is especially true in social care.

Digital Capability within social work

Like it or not the digital world is here and it is here to stay. Those that embrace it will thrive and those who do not will fall. Social Work is no different. The difference with Social Work is that the cost of failure is so much higher.

Is it ever acceptable for a Social Worker to ignore their clients?

Being ignored is never nice. Whether it is by your friends, family or your partner, it doesn’t matter, it hurts. There is no nice way to be ignored.

What do we do?

OLM produces social care technology that takes the complexity out of people's lives.