We believe that connecting patient information across Health and Social Care enables better care, which is why our Platform has been developed with interoperability in mind. 

Health and Social Care are undergoing a period of transformation with structural changes within the NHS. The Better Care Fund has been developed to support the integration of health and adult social care services for better outcomes and targets to enable significant cost savings through early intervention. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Local Authorities have been tasked with providing better data sharing between Health and Social Care based on the use of NHS numbers and a joint approach to assessments and care planning.

The flexible nature of the citizen engagement, case management, commissioning and finance components of our Platform for Care software means they are ideally suited to meet the needs of Health agencies alongside their Social Care partners.

We’ve been committed to interoperability for over 25 years and have been involved in over 70 integration projects.

Digital Health and Care

MyLife citizen portal is our digital engagement platform that is used jointly by Health and Social Care organisations. Using the MyLife digital solution, citizens can find out about health services and support avaliable in their area, complete self assessment forms and create personalised online guides on areas such as dementia, smoking, cessation or cervical screening.

Case Management

A sophisticated security model sits at the core of our Eclipse case management software, which supports simple and secure multi-agency usage. Eclipse enables a complete view of a patient’s case and associated health recording. Eclipse enables delivery of timely information sharing between intermediate care staff, district nurses, therapists and social care practitioners, enabling better outcomes through more efficient and effective decision-making.  


OLM are a specialist in integration with Health Services. We are an accredited supplier on the GPSoC framework and one of the first signatories of thetechUK interoperability charter. OLM implement open standards to deliver secure and interoperable services. We have delivered in excess of 65 integration projects which include both community and acute health systems.  Our information governance and security division, Hytec, provide specialist guidance that is essential to manage the complexities of integration between Health and Social Care.

As well having an excellent relationship working with major suppliers across the health arena, OLM has productive partnerships with both the Department of Health and the Health and Social Care Information Centre.