Citizen Engagement Portal for Health and Social Care

MyLife: citizen engagement portal providing a truly digital service to your citizen's social care and health

MyLife is the UK’s leading citizen engagement portal providing smart information and advice, a resource directory, self-assessment capability and secure citizen accounts. MyLife allows citizens to get the support they need when they need it. For those who cannot self-support, MyLife provides delegated access so their family or advocate can get support on their behalf.

MyLife is used in several areas across the care sector including: Adult Services, for Personalisation and Care Act compliance; and Children's Services; Fostering & Adoption, for recruitment of carers; and the Local Offer, for special educational needs & disability (SEND) providers.

With the digital landscape growing at an unprecedented rate, MyLife uses the latest tools available to provide your citizens with an exceptional service. It uses a mobile-first design ensuring the content you create is optimised for all devices and browsers and supports the largest set of citizens including those who only access the Internet via a smart phone.

The MyLife citizen portal is part of OLM's Platform for Care software suite. The Platform for Care is the leading complete Adult and Children's Social Care and Health technology solution that meets the 21st century needs of social workers, practitioners and citizens.

“We are extremely pleased with the MyLife citizen portal. It met our requirements much better than anything else available on the market.”

London Borough of Bromley

Online advice and personalised guides

MyLife has been designed to make it easy to provide citizens with high quality information to enable them to self serve.

Our user testing discovered citizens can only self serve if they know what the answer to their issue might be.

MyLife's guide functionality enables citizens to discover what services might be suitable for their needs. By answering a few simple questions citizens are provided with a personalised guide to help them overcome their issue. They can print the guide or save it to their account.

Users are able to engage with their community; they can use MyLife's powerful search to find information about services available to them locally.

Online assessments

OLM's Online Assessments app provides an intelligent Care Act Compliant assessment tool for your website. Only 15% of citizens that contact Adult Services are actually eligable for support. With OLM's online assessment tool, you can provide your citizens with a better service and deliver £100,000 of projected savings.

We have developed an intelligent interactive app for citizens, carers, friends and family, to quickly establish the likelihood of eligibility of care and support from a local authority.

Our App enables users to easily complete an initial online needs and financial assessment. The user is presented with a result of likelihood for eligibility for care and support, along with whether or not they will be required to pay for some or all of the support they need. The user then has the opportunity to make a referral directly to the council, to request a full social care needs assessment or they can use the other facilities of MyLife, to source support themselves. 

Secure citizen account

Our solution enables users to manage their information and interactions with complete citizen account functionality.  Users can register for an account, giving them access to a secure area, where they can permanently save guides, partial and completed assessments and other documents.

Citizen information is kept fully secure in their account through an 1.5 or 2 factor authentication.

The citizen account includes delegated access functionality. Service users with portal accounts can invite and manage contacts, who can sign in on their behalf, read permitted information and carry out allowed actions.  The delegated access functionality means commissioners, family members and advocates can use these tools to manage accounts on behalf of many service users.

Features and benefits

Supporting over 9 million UK citizens 

Low cost of ownership

Successful self service 

  • 27 years+

    supporting the care industry

  • 100+


  • 90%

    customer satisfaction

  • 100%

    of profits reinvested