BedFinder: Care Home Bed Vacancy and Booking software

BedFinder is a ground-breaking new software application for locating and booking care home beds. It will save Social Care and Health partners time and money, by quickly locating suitable care home vacancies. At the same time it helps to support the care economy by improving occupancy rates for care home providers. 

What if booking a bed in a care home was as easy as booking a room in a hotel? It can be.

BedFinder users are able to securely access a portal to see up-to-date information on care homes, vacancies and have the ability to easily book them without the wasted time of calling around to every home in the area. The software saves administration time, simplifies the booking process and helps solve the bed blocking crisis.

Organisations that have implemented the BedFinder software have improved efficiency by over 100%

In the spirit of joined-up working and the Care Act, BedFinder can be used by health, social care and the general public.

Solving the bed blocking crisis

Bed blocking occurs when someone is medically fit to be discharged, but care has not yet been organised to help them outside of hospital. Delays in discharging patients cost the NHS in England an estimated £900m a year. Further estimates suggest that one in every ten beds is taken by someone medically fit to be released. 

The number of days lost through so-called bed blocking in England is at its highest monthly level on record.

This adds up to a huge problem and one that needs to be solved.

A key reason for discharge delays is due to the time-consuming nature of locating suitable beds. BedFinder helps solve this challenge. The BedFinder project was funded by the Better Care Fund. It was taken from this fund due to the positive impact that it could have upon reducing Bed Blocking rates.

Developed in partnership with users

Working in conjunction with Hertfordshire Care Provider Association, Hertfordshire County Council and their Health Partners, we have developed an innovative approach to our software that ensures it benefits all parties. 

Hertfordshire Care Provider Association was looking for a solution to reduce the amount of administration time that was spent on booking each month.

We worked with focus groups involving all parties that would be impacted by systems from the Care Home, Hospital Discharge teams, Home / Bed Finders through to citizens and their carers. At every stage we listened and designed the BedFinder software with simplicity in mind.

Citizen access

BedFinder is available with a citizen front end. Citizens can access all information about the care home, search suitable bed places and read recent CQC inspection reports.

This enables citizen's and/or their carers to go online and make informed choices about their long term or respite care.


Simple to use

Online booking

Improve care home occupancy

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