21st Century Social Care: The skills and technology required to change the conversation

With around 15,000 (and growing) calls to the average council each day you need a way to support this demand. You need a means in which to reduce cost and focus spending on supporting community assets.

Communities are fantastic resources that can change people’s lives, stop social isolation and improve people’s health. Over time, silos have been created and 20th century processes have been embedded into the organisational mind-set. Freely available community assets are being overlooked and wasted across the UK.

Get communication right and it can provide the perfect remedy for a whole host of problems. Get it wrong and communication can increase uncertainty and astrain on resources.

Good communication can aid efficiency, which in turn can provide financial savings. As the old cliché goes, time is money. At OLM we can support you in service redesign and provide you with digital tools to support new modern ways of working.

Changing the conversation

Technology can assist change but without change management processes it can only go so far. Our Partners for Change (P4C) Team provide effective change management through the patented ‘Three Conversations Model’. P4C have worked with more than 20 councils, using the model to show that social care approaches can work better for people and families, offer staff more productive and fulfilling jobs, in addition to reducing demand on budgets. The team has also led national and regional programmes for the Department of Health and ADASS.

One of their most recent projects was with Essex County Council. The team worked closely with senior staff and frontline workers to get the project moving and committed to collaboration and co-design, delivering significant change and improvement to the Council.

We believe that change is a gradual process. It is an abstract opportunity that is provided to all but seized only by a few. The internet provided every organisation with the once in a lifetime opportunity to change the manner in which they operate. To invest in the digital age, reduce demand and reduce costs or remain in the 20th century utilising costly communication channels. For local authorities, it comes with the tantalising tag of money savings in an age of dwindling budgets.

MyLife: Technology to support the changing conversations

Using MyLife’s web tool, account and online assessment functionality you can transform the way you interact with your citizens. MyLife’s flexible tooling has enabled service redesign for our customers that have embraced the opportunity; it has transformed access to community information, enabled self service and informed conversations.

MyLife supports 25 customers, which in turn support nine million citizens across the UK. We have delivered some lasting change with MyLife as the base. Even with the right technology to be successful Local Authorities must remember one thing! They are not the audience.

LA’s need to think like the audience in everything that they do. They need to co-produce content with your audience as they themselves better than you will know them. They need to think about the user journey and the best way to help citizens to be directed to help in their community.

This is not a simple change! But will be an essential one when it comes to the changing face of Social Care over the next 5 years.

OLM can help your organisation change to a digital mindset. The benefits of changing your operating model will be significant. This is essential to assist Local Authorities escape the jaws of increasing demand and reduced budgets.