Wrexham select OLM's Guardian Software

Wrexham County Council select OLM’s Guardian after competitive tender for an IT solution

Following a comprehensive tender process lasting six months and including no less than ten software suppliers, OLM’s Guardian has been selected as the IT system of choice.

Wrexham saw that an IT solution was essential for running an effective Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub. The MASH is situated in the police HQ at Wrexham, with representatives from police, social care, education, housing and health being co-located.

A multi-agency safeguarding hub (MASH) is a method to improve cross agency work for local authorities when designing safeguarding approaches for children. These hubs work through information sharing and high quality, timely, safeguarding responses. As a forward thinking authority, Wrexham, has implemented a Multi-Agency Safeguarding team. MASHs support professionals to ‘join the dots’ and understand threats, in order to take action where required to prevent them.

Multi-agency safeguarding hubs have led to an improved standard of child safeguarding practice. This is according to the government’s final report into the multi-agency working and information sharing project.

The report highlighted four outcomes of MASHs:

  • More accurate assessment of risk and need as safeguarding decisions are based on coordinated, sufficient, accurate and timely intelligence

  • More thorough and driven management of cases

  • Better understanding between professions

  • Greater efficiencies in processes and resources

To work effectively, Wrexham, knew that they needed a technology solution that would meet their exact requirements. Wrexham selected Guardian as the perfect solution to fully support the security requirements of a MASH, in addition to providing their team members with an intuitive, modern and easy-to-use tool for undertaking fast and effective safeguarding decisions. This means that Wrexham and their partners can feel secure in the knowledge that they are able to mitigate the risk of anyone slipping through the safeguarding net.