Transforming Adult Services at Doncaster MBC

Implementing the Platform for Care at Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council 

Doncaster went out to tender to test the market for their adult services system contract. Following Doncaster’s evaluation of the tender responses received, OLM scored the highest on both quality and price, coming out as the clear favourite.

Particular areas of strength highlighted were our expert understanding of the developing social care landscape and our platform of solutions. These included:

    •     Strong case management and assessment system
    •     Robust finance systems
    •     Mobile working
    •     Comprehensive and fully integrated citizen portal
    •     Effective information sharing capability
    •     A wide range of integration options and connectors already developed and available
    •     A positive approach to co-operative working with the council

Pat Higgs, Assistant Director of Adult Social Care at Doncaster, commented:

"OLM’s track record as the leading social care provider means that they really understand adult services and have invested accordingly. We were impressed that they were able to offer a complete platform of easy to use solutions, covering a citizen portal, case management, finance, mobile working and integration.

This platform will enable us to deliver even better care to our citizens.”

Chris Rose, Director of Client Services at OLM stated:

“Doncaster’s forward thinking approach to Personalisation has seen them lead on initiatives such as the Care Act. We are delighted to be able to support innovation in Adult Social Care.”