Shaping the future of Health and Social Care together

ADASS is the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services in England. They are a charity that has the express aim to further the interests of people in need of social care and do this by promoting high standards of health social care services. Regular member events throughout the year bring together thought leaders from within the industry. These events help to influence the development of social care legislation and policy, with the next of these taking place at the end of May.

The annual Spring Conference is one of the key events in the calendar. It will bring together many key influencers from within the industry such as Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive, Local Government Association, Barbara Keeley MP, Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Social Care and more. While these names may not mean the world to most, they convey the importance of events such as this one. The importance of getting together so many thoughts leaders in one place to discuss policy and legislation.

The importance of discussion

Discussion is a cornerstone of society, whether at school, work or on the TV within political assembly. It is a level of discourse which is responsible for change. It is one that is actively encouraged from the youngest age, because the majority of the world acknowledges that this vehicle is one worth investing in for the future.

We support the ADASS Spring Seminar because we believe that discussion is of paramount importance. By encouraging discussion you sow the seed for change and this is why we actively encourage it within our offices. In fact, we feel as though it is so important, that we offer every member of staff the chance to apply for a set of innovation days. These days offer everyone with the unique opportunity to take an idea, get a team together and attempt to create a solution. This level of innovation permeates our culture and one of the reasons why we will be proud to be in attendance for the seminar.

The Spring Seminar

We will be in attendance and looking forward to joining the discussions taking place. Of those on the agenda, the sessions covering mental health and safeguarding will be of particular interest. Mental health because we have worked with a number of care providers during the last twelve months such as Resolve Care to upgrade their case management solutions. We are dedicated to developing solutions that improve the lives of those within the entire health and social care industry.

The safeguarding sessions will be of paramount importance to most in attendance. Why do we say this? Safeguarding discussions are essential to the health and well-being of the most vulnerable. Solutions such as CP-IS and MASH hubs have been created to safeguard those who have been identified as being the most vulnerable but more can be done.

With £2 billion of funding released for social care to speed up hospital discharge, we are interested to hear from about the plans across Health and Social Care from:

  • Tamara Finkelstein, Director General for Community Care, Department of Health

  • Graham Duncan, Deputy Director, Department for Communities and Local Government

  • Stephen Dorrell, Chair, NHS Confederation

Our BedFinder solution continues to gain significant interest for the impact that it has in reducing delays of discharge for those awaiting nursing or residential care.

The ADASS Spring Conference will provide everyone in attendance with the opportunity to ask these burning questions and more. As a proud sponsor of ADASS, we are looking forward to putting our ideas on the table and discussing with like-minded individuals.

We are passionate about health and social care and love working with customers to solve their issues.

If you are attending the Spring Conference then come to our stand to discuss how we can help you realise your ambitions.