Reclaiming Social Work

New models of social work are emerging all the time. These are constant, as the need to improve and safeguard lives becomes more complex each year. The need for new, fresh and innovative ideas is essential when the price of failure is so high. This is why there is such a variety in terms of the models of working available.

In Scotland, one of the most keenly talked about models of care is the ‘Reclaiming Social Work’ model that was pioneered in Hackney, back in 2008. It has received its fair share of praise and criticism but has remained prominent in thoughts and minds for nearly ten years. Our Scottish team recently attended the Social Work Scotland conference and in addition to meeting many like-minded individuals, heard form Bernadette Oxley, Head of Children’s Social Work, at Aberdeenshire City Council.

Entitled ‘Reclaiming Social Work’, the session focused on the local authority’s implementation of the Hackney Model. Bernadette spoke about the challenges they have faced and how by implementing the model they have been able to retain more social workers and improve morale. Four other local authorities have implemented the model including Cambridgeshire and Slough.

OLM makes a difference

With these models of care constantly emerging, you need technology that can adapt and keep pace. We have committed ourselves to embracing all these models of care with customisable solutions that will be able to support emerging models from Signs of Safety to Reclaiming Social Work, Motivational Interviewing and beyond. We carefully designed and developed a Platform that could encompass all of these disciplines and continue to improve the lives of Service Users and Social Workers across the board.

The Reclaiming Social Work Model was created to take into account the idea that social work is an especially challenging profession that requires a wide range of skills. It was also created in an attempt to ‘free’ social workers from their desks. Our technology solutions are built using responsive technology to enable this freedom. The Eclipse case management solution has been built with this core tenant in mind. Whether at the hospital, a service user’s home, in a coffee shop or simply at home, Eclipse can be accessed and updated. On the surface, it appears to be a relatively innocuous addition but for social workers, it can be the difference between an extra ten minutes with a family and spending those minutes travelling to the office to updat ecase notes.

Over the last ten years, there has been a general belief that social workers have become degraded by managerial structures. These structures have been designed to improve accountability and risk management. In practice they changed the core aspects of social work and the way in which workers and users interact. Reclaiming Social Work is based upon a systemic approach and social learning theory. It seeks to bring about cultural change and the re-establishment of the focus of social work on the family.

Technology provides the backbone to any successful model of care. It is one step towards effective management but it is only one part and a model of care is needed to form the tissue and flesh of the body. Knowing this we developed a model of our own through working closely with practitioners.

We created a specialist team within OLM to look at models of care developing standardised deployments for low cost, fast implementations 

As Social Care rightly looks to progress, improve and transform as a sector then change will be the only constant. The technology solutions that are suitable for the future we will those that can easily adapt to these new working methods.  Only through investing in the latest technology framework will organisations be able to keep up with the future pace of change.

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