PSN changes and the impact on the IG Toolkit: Local Authority guide

The history so far; first there were 40 requirements

For some years, Local Authorities were assigned the Social Care and Local Authority (SC/LA) view of the IG Toolkit for access to N3. This view of the IGT included 40 requirements, each with up to eight criteria under six categories:

  • Information Governance Management

  • Confidentiality and Data Protection Assurance

  • Information Security Assurance

  • Clinical Information Assurance

  • Secondary Use Assurance

  • Corporate Information Assurance.

2014 review

Following a review of the Social Care and Local Authority view, it was recognised that two of the requirements asked for confirmation of compliance with the Data Protection Act. These were removed, in addition to some of the others that were not really relevant to the use of N3 and Patient Data, which is what the IGT is designed to protect.

IGT Version 12 reduced the total to 28

The new version of the Information Governance Toolkit – Local Authority (LA) view was launched as version 12 in May 2014. It contained only 28 requirements in four categories, with Secondary Use and Corporate Information Assurance removed.

An additional bonus to Local Authorities was that HSCIC recognised the areas duplicated between the IGT and the PSN Code of Connection Process, which is another mandatory submission for most Local Authorities.

With PSN Compliance this reduced to 15

The PSN Code of Connection or CoCo assessment process was stringent and addressed several of the subjects in the IG Toolkit. Local Authorities were completing 2 time consuming compliance assessments, which asked many of the same questions, though perhaps in different ways. As recognition of this, the LA view of the IGT accepted a current PSN Compliance certificate as evidence for compliance with all of 13 requirements, and part of three others.

We saw a reduction of effort needed to complete the annual IG Toolkit submission; down from 40 requirements to 15 plus those met with PSN certificate, but this has now changed

PSN changes mean an increase in IG Toolkit workload

In March 2015, a new PSN compliance process came into effect. The PSN process was simplified, which reduced the level of confidence that meeting the new PSN CoCo would satisfy IG Toolkit requirements

What does this mean for Local Authorities?

To meet the IGT V14 Local Authorities (without PSN) will have to meet 28 requirements in four categories

Local Authorities with a valid PSN certificate will now have to meet 22 requirements

What are the timescales for the new IG Toolkit?

In February 2015, a NIB report stated that the IG Toolkit should be relaunched by October 2015. A partial update with limited scope was published in September 2015, but the full relaunch is subject to the result of reports which have not yet been completed.

Want to know more:

Contact us to be sent a full breakdown of the attainment levels, including those where the PSN Certificate will be accepted and information on the current status of IG Toolkit version 14.