Platform for Care delights at NCAS

“We did not realise that OLM's Platform for Care software covered that much functionality.”

This was a common statement at this year’s NCAS 2015 Conference. We received great praise from delegates about our latest Platform for Care software solutions.

On our stand, we were able to show delegates all of the solutions on our Platform, covering far more than just traditional case management, including:

  • Multi-Agency Safeguarding

  • Citizen engagement

  • Commissioning

Customers were delighted to see the latest from Eclipse, our most recent case management upgrade that will be released next year. It will transform the case recording experience for social workers. The secret of our success has been that our software has been closely developed with local authorities and social workers themselves, to ensure that we understood exactly where the administrative pain points are for social care teams.

The Platform for Care: software that makes the lives of social workers easier and citizens better

So what were the features that NCASC delegates were impressed with?

There are too many features to mention, but here are just a few highlights:

  • The security that enabled true ‘Multi Agency Working’

  • New approach to workflow so that it always aided rather than restricted work

  • They loved how the system automated key tasks 

  • Ability to add audio, imagery and video

  • Ease of Group Recording

  • That all software can work on any device they use

  • The fact that information flows seamlessly across the Platform for Care components 

Then there were the Dashboards...the list goes on.

With the launch of Eclipse in 2016, we will see you all again next year in Manchester, with even more to wow delegates with.