OLM@Work: Birmingham City Council CP-IS Implementation

CP-IS: Integrated Working across Social Care and Health ​

120,000 is a number to take note of. It is a number that cannot be taken lightly. It is equivalent to the population of Winchester and in this case, represents the number of children that have been highlighted as most vulnerable in the UK. It represents only 0.2% of the UK’s population but if even one child is at risk, then something needs to be done. No child should go through life feeling vulnerable or at risk. It is a real problem and one that requires immediate action. This is why we are focused on delivering the best Multi-Agency Children's Services solutions 

What can be done?

In the first instance and at a basic level you need to bring agencies together and help facilitate cross-agency working. The introduction of multi-agency safeguarding hubs started this process of collaboration and getting previously disparate agencies to communicate more effectively, but more can be done.

CP-IS adds an extra layer of protection to those children listed as being most vulnerable. These children being previously identified by social workers. Adding them to the system ensures that when they appear in unscheduled care settings such as out of hours GP departments, the practitioner on call has the entire picture in order to make a complete diagnosis. For example, child A walks into the surgery and sits on the bed, the GP notices bruises on the arm and checks the system. They notice that the child has been highlighted at risk and reads more about the story, subsequently referring the child and alerting social services about the visit.

Implementing the CP-IS solution

Across the UK we have worked with a number of local authorities to implement the CP-IS solution. The most recent of which was Birmingham City Council. Birmingham are a long-time customer of ours and also have the proud accolade of being the largest local authority in Europe. We previously worked with them in 2016 to implement our powerful online assessments tool, implementing within less than six weeks and making an immediate difference. Citizens now have access to help and advice 24 hours a day.

Building upon the successful work with online assessments, they saw the benefit of using CP-IS. They came to us with an ambitious deadline and we delivered the project on time and within budget, last October. Within the space of one month, they had already received more than 70 notifications, from NHS Hospitals to Trusts and Foundations. A great success.

CP-IS Funding

As we are all aware, funding is a hot topic at the moment, with local authorities being required to find new cost effective ways in which to run their services. Implementing CP-IS will help safeguard the lives of those most vulnerable, but it is also an added expense to add to your budget. Help is available.

NHS Digital have released extra funding to support the CP-IS programme. All local authorities across the UK can apply for up to £20,000 of additional funding. Authorities that have already begun the implementation process can apply for the funding. They can use the funding for ongoing cost and maintenance of the system.

If you are interested in implementing the CP-IS solution or in applying for the funding, then we can help you. We can help with everything from running through the application form to planning and subsequent implementation. Contact us today.