OLM@Social Work Scotland

We are the biggest supplier of health and social care technology within Scotland and very proud of this fact. For over 25 years, we have created solutions that aid social workers every day and allow them to support the clients they work with. We continue to support these professionals with the latest technology to continue making a difference to peoples’ lives - a core promise of our business.

The annual Social Work Scotland conference is a key date in both OLM’s and our customers’ diaries and one that we continue to attend each year. The conference is the biggest of its kind in Scotland, bringing together thought leaders from across the country, with each conference focused on a theme that’s key to Social Work - this year’s conference being no different.

Change is good

…Is the theme for this year and variety as they say, is the spice of life. Change should be seen as positive and an opportunity to revise and modernise our thoughts and actions and for social work this is no different. At this year’s event, the conference centres upon the positives of working in a changing and developing environment. As Jane Devine, the Director of Social Work Scotland, writes in her opening letter on the conference;

Each year we talk about the rate of change. Unprecedented we often comment. And it is, but it is not the exception anymore. Change is constant and is here to stay. So, with this conference we want to look at change in a different way. We want to own it and embrace it and think about the positives of working in a constantly developing landscape of public service reform.”

Social Work Scotland will take place this year on the 14th and 15th June. With the main theme of the conference being change, Michael Matheson MSP and John Swinney MSP from the Scottish Government have been invited to explain the changes that are happening across child protection, historic abuse and community justice reform.

In addition to all the guest speakers, you will be able to attend dedicated workshops, run by OLM customers, East Renfrewshire and West Dunbartonshire. They will be running workshops on the 14th and 15th respectively.  East Renfrewshire’s workshop focuses on young people leading on transformational change and West Dunbartonshire will be presenting on delivering effective supervision in an integrated setting.

The pace at which technology is advancing and being adopted is greatly accelerating and for health and social care, this is key, as it means that technology can now keep up with legislative upheavals. Technical solutions such as the ones developed by OLM Systems have transformed the way in which social workers approach their roles. With technology solutions such as Eclipse, we support agile and mobile working unshackling workers from their desks to work with those who need help the most. No longer does the office need to be a worker’s base, this can be anywhere and on any device and our modern technology makes that happen.


At this year’s Social Work Scotland event, we will be launching our Eclipse for Scotland case management solution. To develop this variant of Eclipse, we have utilised the system’s flexible base code to build our standard Scottish configuration which is relevant across Scotland. When we say relevant, we refer to the variations in policies and procedures that are in place for Scotland and how our Scottish configuration supports this.

As with all of the solutions that we develop, we created Eclipse alongside industry professionals. We developed Eclipse within the input and feedback of more than 300 professionals from within the health and social care industry. The quality of our products and ensuring that they are fit for purpose is key to our business.

Built from the ground up on modern technology, Eclipse, has been specially designed to address the current and futureproof the challenges that are faced by health and social care professionals. The rich functionality contained within speeds up and takes the complexity out of recording allowing workers to spend more time with clients.  It has been designed specifically with the user in mind.

See for yourself

At this year’s Social Work Scotland event you will be able to see the power of Eclipse first-hand. We will be launching the solution at the event and offering free demonstrations to showcase the rich functionality. Don’t miss out and secure your place today and see how Eclipse can change your life. Visit the OLM stand on the 14th and 15th June to see:

  • How the responsive nature of the system supports easy, efficient recording allowing you to spend additional time with clients

  • How forms recording has been modernised to be about the narrative with inbuilt guidance supporting good practise

  • How work flows have been designed to assist good practise recording

If you are unable to attend but would still like a demonstration of Eclipse, then please contact us today.