NCASc 17 - Turning issues into solutions

The annual National Children and Adults Social care conference is the calendar event for the leading figures in Social Care and attended by the movers and shakers. The audience ranges from Directors of adults and children’s services to government ministers and councilors. They may be from different backgrounds but all share a common purpose. Each of them has arrived with the shared desire to make a difference. To improve the quality of life and make a difference that is the goal that we all share.

Since day one, OLM, has been created to make a positive difference to the lives of everyone involved in health and social care. At NCAS we were provided with the opportunity to showcase this.

Glass half empty or full?

If we are frank, speaking with those at the conference the feedback on the sessions presented, whilst well prepared and presented did not have much wow and overall were gloomy in outlook. Apart from the great news of a more ‘constructive and positive’ Ofsted and a new centre to share best practice by local authorites, positive discussions were few and far between. With a few exceptions in the main adult sessions, which focused on ‘no money’ or pointing out the challenges with high levels of Delayed Transfers of Care rather than how Councils could solve these issues.

We are about supporting positive change

Although solutions were not being talked about during the conference, this was our main focus on the OLM Stand. Our discussions ranged from different social care processes with our 3 conversation model through to significantly increasing social worker efficiency through our modern technology – the clear focus was making multi-agency collaboration a reality and making best use of community assets.

Over the course of the event, we spoke to decision makers regarding their problems. Issues such as delayed transfers of care, the lack of effective case management solutions, being tied to the office and ineffective internal processes were discussed. We have a solution for all of these problems. From our BedFinder solution that speeds up the time it takes to find a vacancy in a care home by up to 70% to our Eclipse case management solution that is built around multi agency working.

Our software is proven and award winning. In the last year alone we have been nominated for not one, not two but five separate national and international awards. Starting with being awarded the title of National Champion in the European Business Awards and finishing with a shortlisting for the HSJ Awards, it has been a year of achievement. As a result of this, we invited everyone over to our stand to raise a glass with a free mocktail or cocktail in honour of this momentous year.

From the Tini Commissioner to the English Eclipse and Mai Life cocktails, the OLM stand was a hive of activity with demos being requested and a significant buzz around Eclipse and BedFinder.

OLM’s annual Director’s Dinner

With the first day over, selected guests were invited for a special meal. The meal continued the award-winning celebration and provided the unique opportunity to hear directly from OLM Founder and CEO, Peter O’Hara. Peter has been here since day one, steering the direction of OLM to the point today where we have the Platform for Care. The Platform is our answer to the problems faced by social workers today.

The latest additions to the Platform, BedFinder and Eclipse received high praise at the meal. Attendees pointing out the simplicity of the design, the evident ease-of-use and time savings that will occur with use. Stories about Eclipse’s responsive design and low cost of ownership intrigued all and follow-up conversations were heard into the night. The topic of delayed transfers of care was also high on the agenda with the fear of impending fines spearheading most of the questions. A solution was heavily discussed with our BedFinder product, the increase in efficiency and money savings it brings being held up as best practice.

We are proud of the Platform for Care and the investments we have made in supporting the transformation of social care. Our five award nominations and our growing customer base highlight that others think we have something special too. Our technology and services will keep pushing the boundaries in the name of progress and improving lives. We will continue to innovate, invest and seek solutions to the issues affecting social care.

To speak to us about a problem that you are having, then please don’t hesitate and contact us today.