N3 Network and Information Governance to Health organisations sees significant growth

Hytec Information Security have been assisting NHS and commercial NHS service providers of all sizes with connectivity and compliance solutions for more than 25 years. Hytec provides services such as PSN compliance, ISO 27001 Certification, N3 connections and NHS IG Toolkit compliance, the latter of which has seen a sustained increase in uptake over recent years from a range of commercial operations.

A technical diagnostics company

A leading diagnostic imaging specialist that provides sales, rental, maintenance and servicing for medical imaging equipment, including; ultrasound, digital radiography and x-ray’s recently signed up to Hytec’s hosted NHS N3 connection service.

Hytec was chosen to provide this service following an Information Governance Toolkit Review to help the client achieve the necessary level of information governance required to be granted access to the NHS N3 network. The IG Toolkit consultancy work provided a demonstration of Hytec’s commitment to and understanding of Cloud hosting for commercial NHS service providers.

The client required an N3 connection to maintain its competitive position in the market. They needed to be able to demonstrate to its NHS customers that the security of patient data is being maintained by the company. Following a successful completion of the IG Statement of Compliance (also known as the IG SoC), process documentation was required for an N3 application. This process includes not only the Information Governance Toolkit but also the Logical Connection Architecture and Sponsorship forms. Once the process was complete, the client felt that they had identified the most appropriate provider for their NHS N3 hosting requirements.

A supply chain management company

This client provides inventory management solutions to the NHS. They join a large and rapidly increasing number of Hytec-hosted clients that are housed at the secure data centre in West Byfleet. The client has signed up to a multi-year contract after a successful consulting engagement around the NHS IG Toolkit and IG Statement of Compliance (IG SoC) processes.

An international healthcare company

Hytec managed the implementation of an extensive, sophisticated, NHS-compliant hosted environment for a large, internationally respected organisation. This process not only included guidance on the NHS IG Toolkit and Statement of Compliance submissions, but also required highly specialised, technical design work.

Following the success of the client winning further business in the UK, they have come back and given an additional order to expand the infrastructure and services hosted by Hytec. Hytec has managed the IG Toolkit changes required for this new service and the technical design work required for the so called Logical Connection Architecture design document. The hosted services provided affect the ability of the client to do business in the UK and maintain its reputation as a well-governed, socially responsible and accountable player in the global healthcare industry.

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