MyLife Portal - up, up and away

MyLife citizen portal customers double to support over 9 million UK citizens 

Over the past 12 months, our MyLife citizen portal customers have doubled. MyLife is one of the fastest growing portals in the UK today.

What has been the secret of MyLife's success? 

MyLife citizen portal is a flexible digital tool that can be used across many areas, however it has also been built by experts that understand the care sector. It contains specific functionality developed to meet the challenges of the sector. Health and Social Care need to use digital channels more to provide a better service to citizens at a lower cost. The MyLife citizen portal can be used to solve these digital challenges. Far more than just a website, it enables citizens, professionals and friends and family, to work together to support themselves.

Our information governance and security specialist division, Hytec, have helped us design the citizen account so it includes up to two factor authentication and delivers delegated access with the appropriate security controls.