The London Borough of Bromley continue to extend their use of digital across Health and Social Care

The London Borough of Bromley (LBB) has been a long-time customer of OLM. They were early adopters of the MyLife citizen engagement portal. This was when OLM was the first supplier to deliver an integrated web portal for Social Care and Health. At the end of 2016, LBB signed a new contract to extend the use of the MyLife portal. With a user base of more than 300,000 citizens, they needed an effective way in which to communicate with their citizens. Five years later, they are still finding new ways to extend the use of MyLife, digitising their solutions and saving the council money.

Moving the Disability Register Online

The most recent update is the introduction of a children’s disability register. Since 1989 they have been legally required to have one. It has historically taken the form of a paper based register and later moved to be a spreadsheet. Most recently they have looked to utilise the power of the MyLife portal to host the disability register.

Why use MyLife?
MyLife has the flexibility to move Bromley’s register online and host it within their growing website. By moving online they can save time and money. Whereas previously they would need a member of staff to manually enter data from that recorded offline into a spreadsheet format, they can now save themselves an average of ten minutes per entry. While this may not seem a lot out of context, if you add it up, it can equal a significant time saving per day. By moving the process online, all you need to do is run a data report each quarter and save the data to a secure source.

By stripping back the form and moving it online, Bromley are maintaining their commitment to the government’s Digital 2020 agenda. The Digital by Default initiative aims to get all government services online by 2020 and the Local Government Digital Service Standard includes guidance and criteria to meet this initiative. Bromley have been pioneers in this field with their use of the MyLife Citizen Engagement Portal and moving the majority of their forms online at a steady pace.

Michael Watts, Senior Planning and Development Officer, at Bromley continues to be a strong proponent of the MyLife portal and oversees the development of the site. 

“Earlier this year, we signed an extension of our MyLife contract, which will allow us the flexibility of expansion. The most recent being the disability register. By moving this online we can save ourselves time and money.

With each successful upload of a new form or area to the MyLife site, we are saving small pockets of time, which add up to a big saving.”

Currently Bromley have focused on including their children’s disability register online but have had calls to also include an adult’s form. This would move the entire disability register framework online and provide a completely digital service. An added benefit to moving all of this information online is that data would be able to be recorded and stored for mail out purposes. Bromley will be able to segment these users and send them appropriate information about upcoming events.

Evolving with the times - MyLife
For more than five years, our MyLife Citizen Engagement Portal has supported citizens across the UK, evolving with practitioners, listening to feedback and adapting. The most recent incarnation of MyLife has included upgraded features making it a lot easier and quicker to upload content. With time management and effective use of time becoming more scrutinised by the day, having a system in place that can be used to instantly upload content is quintessential. It helps free up members of staff to spend time where it is needed the most.

The London Borough of Bromley is able to effectively run the MyLife Portal with the equivalent of only one full time member of staff. Michael Watts commented:

“Technology in the 21st century needs to be adaptive and MyLife has provided that option for us. It is easy-to-use for teams of any size. If we need to re-develop the site, then we can do so in a short space of time, even with only one full time equivalent member of staff. MyLife is the best option on the market.”

For more information relating to the MyLife Citizen Engagement Portal, please contact us today.