The Local Government Digital Service Standard

Leading on from the government’s Digital by Default initiative, the Local Government Digital Service Standard includes criteria that councils must consider when deciding on which services should be digitised. The Digital by Default initiative aims to get all government services online by 2020 and the Local Government Digital Service Standard includes guidance and criteria to meet this initiative.

Created by a consortium of more than 60 councils, The Local Government Digital Service Standard includes a set of 15 criteria that you must consider when deciding upon which services to digitise and how to go about it. The 15 considerations outlined in the standard have been designed to help councils build effective digital services that meet the needs of users. 

Meeting the standard

Some of you may have already downloaded the standard document and had a look to see if you meet the criteria. It is comprehensive. You may have looked through and wondered how you will be able to meet all of the criteria listed. We looked through the document and listed out all of the criteria against our MyLife Citizen Engagement Portal. We looked at what the criteria asks for and ticked each point off against the MyLife product. We can help you to not only meet but exceed the standard and here’s how:

Nine million UK citizens

One of the key government design principles is that you build digital services, not websites, the digital world needs to connect to the real world. Our MyLife citizen engagement portal was launched in light of the personalisation agenda more than five years ago and is now used by more than nine million citizens across the country. That’s more than 14% of the population of the UK using OLM’s solution and successfully engaging with those living in their constituencies on a daily basis.

The success of MyLife can be pointed to the fact that we have created a flexible portal that can help providers meet the needs of users. The portal enables it to work in a wider capacity to not only meet but exceed the needs of wider government organisations such as Children and Families, alongside housing and fostering and adoption. You can create online forms through the system that allow users to self-assess and get an indication of the support that will potentially be available to them. This feature was previously unavailable to citizens, who would be forced to call through to the council to get assistance, which was a largely time consuming and expensive process.

This is for everyone

Simple yet elegant design is a key tenant of the 21st century. Technology must be easy to use and not limited to those with technical experience. Our MyLife portal has been designed for quickness and ease of use content management tools enable users the opportunity to tailor information with minimum effort. With budget cuts being levied against local government, it is now more important than ever to be able to utilise systems that require minimal training and staff overheads.

Responsive design is now considered a must when designing websites as more than half of those viewing your site will do so via mobile or tablet. A site designed solely for desktop is no longer good enough. MyLife uses the latest responsive technology to ensure that all users, no matter which device they are using, receive the same user experience.

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