A Growing Concern: The lack of a true Cloud

In weather clouds are typically cause for concern. They can foreshadow the coming of rain, snow or general chill. We seek out the sun in the hopes to ward off the cloud. In technology, the Cloud cannot be feared, it must be embraced as a liberation tool. A tool to break away from poor performance and legacy systems that are choking the industry.

The fresh study, carried out by IT professional body Socitm has highlighted that local authorities are gradually taking a more “Cloud first” approach to their IT strategy. The hyper-scale public Cloud was highlighted as the Cloud of choice with the largest number of Local Government organisations using this method. However, there is concern that Local Government is not moving as fast as other sectors in this area and providers are not fully explaining the options available to them.

We work directly with local authorities from across the UK to establish their needs. Years ago we realised that the future was not on-premise systems, it was the Cloud. Rather than shy away from this, we embraced it. We looked at our main technology platform and rebuilt a new solution. Not an easy undertaking but it was one that we knew would be necessary for the industry for the future. We did not want to join the other suppliers in holding the industry back through providing outdated technology. We wanted to push forward and develop solutions that would help Social Workers to do their jobs, not hinder them.

Eclipse: Case Management for the modern Social Worker

We created Eclipse through understanding the industry and working directly with Social Workers. To simply have sat on our laurels and given the legacy technology a facelift to have maximised profits would have been against the core of OLM. We are the only Social Care technology provider to have remained independent since day one. 100% of our profits are re-invested to ensure that our solutions are made for the users and not the shareholders, of which we have none.

We created Eclipse to take full advantage of the hyper-scale Cloud

  • Eclipse is the first and only Cloud Native solution for Social Care
    Continuous development enables the delivery of high-quality software at speed.
    No more slow and expensive upgrades that you have to plan for weeks.
    You will be able to access new developments quickly and easily.

  • Eclipse is available anywhere at anytime
    You can access Eclipse from any device and any browser.
    There are no technical restrictions.

  • Eclipse is intelligent
    With the emergence of AI, Eclipse has been developed to be intelligent, using automation it significantly reduces admin; allowing the Social Worker to spend their time with their clients, not be a slave to the system.

  • Eclipse is a high-performance solution
    It auto scales to the number of users.
    If an issue occurs processing instantly moves to another server or data centre automatically and seamlessly.

  • Eclipse provides a secure collaborative environment
    A sophisticated security model enables seamless multi-agency working.
    The Eclipse system is protected by the world’s foremost experts in information, application and network security, including up to 2-factor authentication protection.

  • Eclipse is built on the latest technology
    Eclipse has been built with the next ten years in mind.
    It is a modern platform with open APIs that will be compatible with the technical advancements of the future.

A true cloud platform to combat legacy solutions

The list above is not comprehensive. Eclipse provides many additional benefits when compared to other legacy systems but the list is a reflection of what the true Cloud can bring to your organisation. It can provide clarity and certainty for the future.

With the benefits of the true Cloud clear, you have to ask why more local authorities have not upgraded. This we believe is a question of legacy. Years of austerity have created a severe shortfall in funding that means ways of saving money need to be found. In-house provision of IT usually requires the use of expensive contractors to support the system and significant hidden charges makes it difficult for the Local Authority to accurately budget.

Moving to the Cloud is extremely cost-effective (even without taking into account the efficiency savings that come from moving to a Cloud environment). The truth is that local authorities need to be brave and see the potential of true Cloud. Local Authorities and suppliers need to be working together to discuss the options and agree what will be best for them to assist them meeting their strategic objectives.

When procuring in Social Care there is a fear of the new; which breeds this lack of investment and innovation. Requirements for three to five live reference sites on the exact technology acts as a barrier to entry for improved solutions. Unfortunately, the Social Care sector has a mountain to climb and needs to improve ease-of-use, make significant efficiency savings and reduce costs – only modern Cloud-native solutions can do this!

Due to these barriers to entry legacy systems are still being selected. There is clear evidence that these legacy systems can take up to up to three / four years to be installed. Over this period LA’s often have to pay dual maintenance payments costing millions extra in unbudgeted costs. Social Care departments need to plan ahead and procure systems that are future proof and flexible so that they are suitable for the next 5 to 10 years.

By moving to the Cloud, we can manage the entire process for you, saving additional time, money and helping to free resources to protect the most vulnerable. Contact us today to see how we can change your tomorrow.