Eclipse: Transcending new markets on World Mental Health Day

One of the main causes of the burden of disease worldwide is mental health. In the UK alone, one in four people will experience a mental health problem each year, which costs the NHS an estimated £8.1 billion.

This figure is made all the more astonishing given the fact that this cost is for perinatal mental health problems alone. It is a staggering amount of money and each year the Mental Health Foundation raises awareness of those affected by mental health in a special day. One of the themes this year’s World Mental Health Day was tea and talk.

The central concept behind tea and talk is to get people to open up and talk about any concerns they may have before they become a problem. The old proverb that a problem shared is a problem halved providing the basis for this campaign. With less than 6% of the UK’s research budget being spent on mental health research, the time to talk is now.

Over the past year, we have been working with organisations such as Resolve Care, in order to help with their day-to-day case recording. They are an organisation dedicated to the health and wellbeing of people who have learning difficulties and mental health issues. In December of last year, they achieved not one but two Outstanding ratings, which is a phenomenal achievement and one that they are rightly proud of.

Owners Anne Graham and David King are passionate and dedicated to the care of their residents. Protective, parental instincts guide the two in their quest to improve the lives of those their service users and with one of their remits being mental health, World Mental Health Day is a key date for them.

The Power of new technology

By implementing our Eclipse case management system, Resolve, have been able to free up their time and spent it with those who need help the most, the service users. For 25 years, making a difference to those in health and social care has been at the forefront of our mind and we are proud to make a continuing difference to these areas of society. Using Eclipse has helped Resolve to achieve a level of excellence by streamlining their processes into one secure source.

The security protocols that are at the heart of the software ensure complete peace of mind. This is of paramount importance as the nature of the residents and their past make data protection an absolute must. Some of them are embarrassed about what they have done and allowing that information to get into the public consciousness would be damaging. By using Eclipse, Resolve, can focus on improving the lives of those in their care.

Time spent on administration tasks is also dramatically reduced by moving administration to the software. Before upgrading to Eclipse, Resolve, utilised paper based records, which took space within the organisation and required the member of staff who was updating a service users notes’ to leave the room. This could be potentially damaging to service users. Now members of staff are able to update case records from their Chromebooks, while they are with them.

An additional benefit to using the Eclipse software is that the team was able to transfer the memory books of each service user to the system. The memory books being a key component of the care that Resolve provide. They allow members of the team the opportunity to remind users of what they have achieved each week and the progress they have made. To be able to now take a picture with a phone and automatically log it with the corresponding record in Eclipse is priceless.