Eclipse is the future

Cloud native solutions are the future. This is an empirical fact and cannot be debated at this time.

The so-called ‘Beast from the East’ taught us that on premise solutions are simply not enough in 2018. Business as usual cannot be guaranteed if you only have one point of failure. The need to ensure minimal downtime is an absolute as it ensures an always available point of contact for Social Workers and Service Users.

A child protection case cannot take a break for the snow and neither can a vulnerable adult. Service users need to be protected. They need to have their data easily accessible and any new information updated on the spot. If a child is being investigated by Social Services and taken into hospital from school one day then the Social Worker needs this information. This builds a picture and one that without all the pieces will be left incomplete and can lead to cases such as baby P.

So Cloud solutions are a must but what is the difference between Cloud and Cloud Native?

Cloud Native solutions like Eclipse are much more agile, updates happen seamlessly delivering the latest functionality into the hands of social workers and citizens to give the best user experience.

The future of technology in care is truly exciting. Significant advances will take place over the next five years but only a cloud native solution will be able to take advantage of these advancements. This will enable truly person-centred care and support the new ways of working required.

We predict that cloud-native architectures will become the default options for all customer-facing applications by 2020.
Cap Gemini, 2017

Different Models of Social Care

Different models of care can enhance the operational stability of a Social Work Team. From Signs of Safety to Reclaiming Social Work, models of care can improve efficiency but they can only improve it by so much. Without the correct technology supporting them they will only reach a certain level.

Technological solutions need to be agile and we need to realise that without technology, no aspect of your working life can reach its full potential. For example, you can apply a model of Social Work such as Sign of Safety to your organisation but if you do not have the technology supporting you, then you will simply be creating a never-ending backlog. If you run-through and triage more cases, and get out to more people in a day then you will have additional case notes to write up. If your case management system can only be accessed from your office building then you will need to go back to work to type up all these notes, creating a ‘yo-yo’ like effect. This is not in keeping with the efficiencies of the 21st century and will lose your workers time as they will constantly be going back and forth. What if you could break these strings and provide freedom to your workers?

The solution: Eclipse

Put simply, Eclipse, solves all of these problems and is the only social care case management solution that can. It will enhance your current model of care and ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible. By binding Eclipse with your organisation you ensure that everyone who needs to see information about a child or vulnerable adult can do so in a timely fashion. You ensure that access to this information can be gained 24/7 with minimal downtime. You ensure that you can update and review case notes wherever and whenever you need to. No longer are Social Workers bound to their desks, they are free to complete their jobs in the most efficient manner possible. This is person-centred care.

This flexibility and ease-of-use sounds perfect and it is but what about security? Data security is a hot topic at the moment and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. It is an area that will always need attention and the sensitive data of thousands of vulnerable adults needs to be protected.

A sophisticated security model sits at the heart of Eclipse, which supports simple and secure multi-agency usage. The software has been designed to provide a secured personalised view of the record to all the people involved in the case. The inbuilt security protects the data and only those who should see the case, can see the case. Access is strictly controlled by a number of factors such as user permission, professional relationship and consent from the client and this robust security is applied to the system right down to individual case note level.

There is widespread criticism of the Social Care systems that were sufficient for the task at hand five years ago but for today, they are woefully outdated for the future. They are inflexible and unresponsive. Pressure will grow on them to change as the distinction becomes more explicit. Eclipse is the future, Eclipse is Cloud Native and is ready to support your organisation over the next ten years. Can your supplier offer this guarantee?

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