Did you see our Bed Blocking solution on the BBC?

Did you see the solution?

The solution to the Bed Blocking crisis, our BedFinder software, was showcased on the BBC not once but twice last week. First of all, our Marketing and Pre-Sales Manager, was interviewed live on air, by BBC Three Counties Radio, alongside colleagues at Hertfordshire County Council. The programme focused on the reasons for such a project to exist in the first place before looking in depth at how BedFinder has ticked off all of the pain points associated with Bed Blocking.

Bed blocking has dominated headlines for more than a year now and for good reason. The stats as previously reported, speak for themselves, as bed blocking costs the NHS in England nearly one billion pounds per year. One billion pounds is a staggering amount of money and according to think tank, the King’s Fund, it is enough money to run the NHS for three days. By reducing the amount of money spent on Bed Blocking, the UK government could use these valuable funds to prioritise other valuable areas of need.

Bed blocking on Three Counties Radio

During the segment on Three Counties Radio, the Head of Integrated Accommodation Commissioning at Hertfordshire County Council spoke about the savings. The project has reduced the time it takes to look for a relevant bed vacancy by more than 70%. This is a near priceless statistic. Why do we say this?

Local authorities are under considerable pressure to find efficiency savings because their budgets have been cut. Not only have their budgets been cut but they are also required to deliver more from less. The introduction of the Care Act has seen increased emphasis placed upon local authorities to conduct an increased number of assessments with less resources. With this in mind, a 70% reduction in the time spent looking for a vacancy in a care home amount to hours of time saved within the workforce each week. This saved time can then be re-allocated to where it is truly needed, with the citizen in question, placing them first.

Bed blocking on BBC Look East (West)

At 6:30pm on Friday 17th March, bed blocking was the lead story presented within the regional news programme, Look East. It re-enforces how pioneering and desperately needed the BedFinder system is within the context of the UK.

The programme took the approach of seeing the technology through those who will be using it the most, the BedFinders, Care Homes and also the carers. It explored how simple yet revolutionary the concept is. The process completely simplifies the booking of a vacancy, to the point where all a BedFinder needs to do is load up the system and search. Distance, speciality and real-time vacancies are all available to the finder and once they have a suitable room in mind, they simply submit a request to book. The Care Home will then confirm or decline but while the request is in motion, the room will be unable for double booking. The intuitive nature of the system saving extra time and resources.

On top of these key system features, the programme interviewed a local carer, Soo Venor, in anticipation of the public launch. Soo cares for her father-in-law, Alfred. Soo said;

It will be very useful to have somewhere straightforward where I can go to that will give me access to all the information that I want in one place. It can be quite complicated as there are so many care homes in the area.”

We will be launching the public site in April. Within this environment citizens are able to search and see available beds in the region quickly and easily. They can access information about the care homes, search suitable bed vacancies and read recent CQC inspection reports. This enables citizens and/or their carers to go online and make informed choices about their long-term or respite care.

This is a very important addition for families worried about where their loved one may end up. Carers in the area have praised this functionality as they can now see what rooms are available. Carers save the economy £132 billion per year and so providing them with the right support is crucial to the health and social care economy. It is an essential money saving addition.

BedFinder is a uniquely simple solution that turns a complex problem into the equivalent of booking a room in a hotel. See for yourself today