Cracking the information overload puzzle

In addition to being a huge year for OLM Systems, as we celebrated our 25th year in operation, 2016 was also a great year for our sister organisations, Pavilion Publishing and Nalanda Technology. Pavilion celebrating their 30th year in operation and Nalanda are making huge strides with their Nalytics platform.

OLM CEO and Founder, Peter O’Hara, was recently interviewed by the Scotsman, regarding Nalytics, the data search and discovery platform from Nalanda Technology, and how it all started. Within the article, Peter outlined his vision for Nalytics and where he sees the platform heading to in 2017. Nalanda Technology is Peter’s fourth successful start-up business since setting up OLM in 1991.

Peter set the business up with only £1,000 in his pocket. Since then he has seen OLM grow and evolve into a market leading organisation. The Group now encompasses three transformational business, Nalanda Technology, OLM Systems and Pavilion Publishing. Each of the organisations reached new heights in 2016:

  • OLM Systems celebrated its 25th year in operation and released two innovations to solve challenges in social care and health; our intelligent recording solution; Eclipse and BedFinder

  • Nalanda Technology launched version 1.5 of Nalytics and saw the company featured in more than 10 national publications discussing their innovative approach to data search, discovery and analysis

  • Pavilion Publishing reached its 30th year in operation and released, launching new offerings such as Social Care Now, a new platform featuring competitive prices on eBooks for professionals to reach their goals

The market launch of Nalytics from Nalanda Technology is an exciting time for OLM. It will showcase the power of the organisation as a whole, by seeing collaboration between OLM Systems and Nalanda Technology. It will showcase how adding the Nalytics platform to OLM’s Platform for Care will deliver a tool to analyse the unstructured narrative created through case recording and bring the power of Machine Learning to the world of social care.

When asked about the launch and partnership, Peter said:

“The launch of Nalytics will mark a significant moment in the history of OLM, it will show how by working together we can achieve anything. We can solve the problems of the world with a shared purpose and direction. It has been incubated within OLM Systems looking at health and social care, but the potential for the platform is limitless.”

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