Child Protection Information Sharing Project (CP-IS) accredited and ready

Following OLM’s official accreditation from NHS Digital, for our end-to-end integration, we have seen increased interest in Local Authorities wanting to implement the CP-IS solution.

Due to our expertise, we were selected as one of the initial development partners, working with a London Borough and the Department of Health. OLM is one of the first Social Care system suppliers to gain this essential accreditation. A great achievement for our specialist integration team.

Kevin Payne, Managing Director, commented on the accreditation,

“OLM’s focus is on delivering integrated and collaborative solutions that improve safeguarding and save Children’s lives. We are delighted to have worked with customers and NHS Digital to achieve this important milestone.”

What is the Child Protection–Information Sharing Project?

CP-IS focuses on improving the protection of children, who have previously been identified as vulnerable by social services, when they visit NHS unscheduled care settings such as:

  • emergency departments

  • ambulance services

  • maternity units

  • paediatric wards

  • out of hours GPs

  • minor injuries units

  • walk-in centres

Serious case reviews frequently highlight that the integration of services is an essential requirement to safeguard Children. The inability to share information is a contributory factor in 60% of Serious Case Reviews and most government-sponsored reports into child protection. While there has been serious steps forward with inter-agency working, with the establishment of Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs, more integrated working across the board is required.

A key time that potential issues can be flagged is in unscheduled care settings.  The process of identifying children who have received maltreatment, or are at risk of significant harm from abuse or neglect, remains difficult for even the most experienced clinician to recognise during a single attendance.

The ability to correctly diagnose abuse or neglect depends on having the whole picture. Giving clinicians in unscheduled care settings access to relevant social care information is essential to successfully identifying children who may be at risk. CP-IS provides health care professionals with essential access to key social care information that can help them assess whether a child is at risk.

The project links the IT systems of NHS unscheduled care to those used by social care child protection teams. This allows information to be easily shared about three specific categories of children:

  • those with a child protection plan

  • those classed as looked after (i.e. children with full and interim care orders or voluntary care agreements)

  • any pregnant woman whose unborn child has a pre-birth protection plan

Why implement the solution:

  • This is a proven solution that will provide greater protection for children through early detection

  • CP-IS provides an additional level of protection for 120,000 of the most vulnerable children in England

  • CP-IS can help you to build a complete picture of a child’s circumstances across regional boundaries and over time; supporting cross-agency work to achieve the best outcomes for children

  • A system of flags and alerts, and easy access to contact details, encourages early intervention to deter further harm, abuse and neglect. It helps focus resources on prevention to reduce long-term costs of care.

  • Reducing the risks – fewer children requiring repeat visits to unscheduled care; fewer instances of the most serious cases leading to child deaths, serious injury and Serious Case Reviews.

Please contact us if you are interested in a Safeguarding Children integration project.