CareKnowledge Special Report: The Three Conversations®

Can three simple conversations make a difference? Our Partners for Change team believe so and have been busy proving the success of their change management approach that is revolutionising social care.

Partners For Change have taken their 3 Conversations ® across the country and assisted more than 30 local authorities in changing how they work.  One of these was Cornwall Council. In Cornwall, these three simple conversations have helped to reenergise social work for their practitioners and deliver improved lives for their citizens. Results in a similar sized local authority reduced the average waiting time for assistance from 45 to 2 days.

The primary purpose of the 3 conversations® is to improve the experience of people and families who need support, improve the satisfaction and productivity of the workforce, and in doing so demonstrate significant impact on activity and budgets.

Kerry Keeble, Cornwall social worker:

“The 3 conversations® has saved my career. I didn’t feel I was practising the social work I learned at university. [The model] is person-centred and I can use my own initiative. I can ask people what’s really important to them and help them make that happen.”

If you would like more information relating to Partners for Change and their 3 conversations®, then please contact Sam Newman today on or 07967 509057.

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