Care goes mobile in Hartlepool

Health and Social Care staff move to mobile working 

Hartlepool Borough Council’s Child and Adult Services department offers support on a wide range of social care services. These services are available to older people, those with learning disabilities, people with mental health needs, those with physical disabilities and vulnerable people. They also offer support and essential services to carers and families of those receiving the services.

Hartlepool try hard to keep people living independently in their own homes for as long as possible. To do so effectively they knew that they needed a solution that would let their Health and Social Care staff access and record on the move. After reviewing the available options, Hartlepool selected OLM's mobile working solution.

After an initial pilot, which included three different Hospitals and involved more than 20 social care staff, Hartlepool have seen significant benefits in mobile working. They have subsequently extended the project across all of their teams.

Thanks to OLM's Mobile working solution, Health and Social workers are now able to access and work with clients in their homes. They are now able to assess and work with clients in a quicker and more efficient way.

A typical day transformed 

A typical day for Hartlepool's health and social care workers has been transformed and is now far more efficient. This is better for the clients, workers and even the environment (less travel).

Workers now typically download the information needed (assessments) at home each morning and prepare for the day’s visits. This new process allows the care worker the freedom to go directly to visit the client, either at home or at the hosptial.

Simple to use. An essential tool 

Following the initial familiarisation with the mobile devices, very little training was required, as the mobile tool was easy to use and understand. The staff are all very positive about the solution and cannot imagine working in another way.