Bromley extends the use of the MyLife Portal

“Public Health has been part of our council and has been working from our buildings since last April.  As part of our integrated working, we gave them ownership of the Health and Wellbeing areas of MyLife last summer.

“At the moment they are in control of different areas of the MyLife Portal, they do a lot of work with high profile information like hot weather advice and regular exercise. MyLife is their core medium for running campaigns. The Public Health staff love it, they didn’t have anything like it before. MyLife gives them full control of their messages and enables them to launch campaigns quickly and efficiently.

“It’s all about information and making it easy for people to get key messages. The Public Health team have done talking head videos on key subjects which have been well received.  OLM/Pavilion have trained our staff on the use of the portal, how to create videos and how to write engaging content. This has resulted in a significant rise in traffic to the portal.”

Getting your message out

As well as having Health and Wellbeing sections, MyLife customers regularly run campaigns from their home pages. 

Helen states, “We run new campaigns every week. It is forever changing, which is the great thing about the MyLife tool.  Our campaigns are driven by what is happening in the local community; it’s around the delivery of local knowledge as well as running high profile national campaigns.

“Having used MyLife for over a year, we now have a stockpile of campaigns that we can re-use, such as flu, winter warmth or stopping smoking. This makes it very easy for us - high impact without being resource intensive.”

Moving forward

Helen concluded, “We too are moving that way with Health. We are in discussions with our newly formed Clinical Commissioning Group about MyLife as they require a suitable web presence and MyLife would be a suitable tool”.