Approved Commercial N3 Aggregator status

OLM's Information Governance and Security division, Hytec, achieves Approved Commercial N3 Aggregator status

Hytec has been approved by The Health and Social Care Organisation (HSCIC) to act as a “Commercial N3 Aggregator”, meaning we can order N3 circuits for our clients, share N3 circuits amongst clients and approve LCA designs.

N3 connectivity consultancy - delivered to you by experts in the field

As well as providing comprehensive assistance on completion of the Information Governance submissions needed to connect to the NHS N3 network, to provide services to NHS organisations, Hytec, are one of a very small number of approved Commercial N3 Aggregators.

Aggregation (for the purposes of connectivity to N3) is defined by the HSCIC as “the provision of N3 connectivity (from a single or multiple N3 circuits) by one organisation to one or more other organisations”. Hytec have approval to provide aggregated or hosted networks or connections to N3 for all types of organisations. This includes both the private and public sector.

For more than 10 years, Hytec, have assisted many organisations within England and overseas in gaining access to NHS networks. We host many N3 connected networks in our secure data centre and work with organisations who wish to have their own circuits, or to use NHS Remote Access Tokens.

Our services include the entire connection process from application, through development and design to completion of the submissions documents, and once approved, to installation and commissioning. For organisations with their own networks, we guide you through the HSCIC approval process. For Hytec aggregated or Hosted services, we have our own technical review process that has been approved by HSCIC. In all cases the IGSoC process must be completed, including the initial and annual IG Toolkit submission.

Alan Hunt, Technical Director of Hytec stated: 

“Having aggregator status will allow Hytec to deliver a fast, seamless service to clients wishing to gain access to the NHS network and must be taken as a vote of confidence in our company by HSCIC”

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