25 years of innovation and growth, with no customer left behind

Never left a customer behind

Over the past 25 years, we have taken customers through three different technology upgrades, with Eclipse being the fourth and most recent. Throughout all of these changes, we are very proud of the fact that we have never left a customer behind. We will continue to support our product as long as we have customer using it.  

We have created Eclipse with the user in mind to solve the problems of 21st century case management. We knew that we needed to create a product that benefited from 21st Century technological enhancements to deliver the best user friendly experience available.

This is why we created Eclipse alongside 300 health and social care practitioners. We worked directly with the user to find out what they needed to help them in their day-to-day role, rather than prescribing a technology solution that the user would need to adapt to

It is this customer-focused approach that has kept OLM at the forefront of the industry. Over the past five years, we have welcomed 84 new customers, which is not an insignificant number and one that we are very proud of. At our 2016 Community Conference, Managing Director for OLM, Kevin Payne, opened with a presentation that reflected the theme of the event, celebrating the past, delivering the future. In his words,

‘Our customers are our greatest asset and without you, we wouldn’t be here today.’

Powerful words but ones that we live by as a company. We understand that each of our customers will have their own priorities and we want to work with them to establish an upgrade path with a timescale that works for them. We make the promise to our customers that as long as we have people using a product, we will continue to support it. We will continue to have staff members that are available to you and help you upgrade when you are ready to.

Eclipse is the future. It is a true, 21st century solution and one that is already causing waves within the health and social care industry. One of our early adopters, Resolve Care, have been using Eclipse for more than a year and in that time they have received two ‘Outstanding’ recommendations from the Care Quality Commission. Extracts from their glowing reports include:

'The care plan format was easy for people who used the service to understand.'

'The new system...means that people's health and well-being can be monitored closely and any changes identified, and treated without delay.' 

We have four other Local Authority early adopters of Eclipse using the software across Social Care, Early Help and Troubled Familes. The responsive and multi-agency nature of Eclipse (along with the rest of the Platform for Care)  enables us to deliver the best solutions to the care sector.  

While Eclipse is the future, we cannot celebrate 25 years of OLM without remembering our past and how we got to where we are today; our customers. You have helped us remain independent for 25 years, invest for the future by creating new and ground-breaking products and solutions. Our product lifespans are not pre-defined as long as we work with you, we will support you and your team to make a difference to those who need it.