Top tips for a successful CP-IS integration

CP-IS Top Tips
We have put together this short guide for succesful CP-IS integration.

Interoperability and the INTEROPen charter

Signed up to the INTEROPen charter
We believe that open standards are the future and have signed up to the INTEROpen Charter.

Common IG Toolkit Pitfalls Part 2

IG Toolkit Pitfalls Part 2
Changes associated with version 14 of the IG Toolkit explained.

IG Toolkit – What are the common Pitfalls?

IG Toolkit - Common Pitfalls
What are the common pitfalls that organisations find with the IG Toolkit?

Data sharing practices should be overhauled

Multi-Agency Safeguarding practices
Data sharing practices should be overhauled to prevent ‘vulnerability’ from becoming the new volume crime.

The Local Government Digital Service Standard

Digital Service Standard
Download our free guide to the local government digital service standard now.

ISO 27001 Certification for Commercial Organisations

ISO 27001 Certification - Commercials
Find out about more about the ISO 27001 Certification and the common pitfalls that organisations can face.

ISO 27001 standard: the new future for Health?

The ISO 27001 Standard
Will the ISO 27001 become a prerequisite in the wake of increasing data breaches?

PSN changes and the impact on the IG Toolkit: Local Authority guide

LA guide: PSN changes and the IG Toolkit
As a new PSN compliance process comes into effect, what are the implications for Local Authorities and their IG Toolkit

Child Protection Information Sharing Project (CP-IS) accredited and ready

CP-IS accredited and ready
Following OLM’s official accreditation from NHS Digital we have seen increased interest in Local Authorities wanting to implement the CP-IS solution.